Uncommon Things You've Found in Other Countries

Some may remember my thread, “Can you get Mountain Dew in China?”


Well you can. I searched all over, every place I went, and I found it an Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China.

Consider this a small tidbit if you ever travel to China.

So, what have you found that was hard to get in other countries?

Oh, here is a photo of the lady at the stand who sold me Mountain Dew(she’s holding it). Go into “my documents” and there it is.


Taco Bell in Australia! Only Taco Bells are in Sydney, doesn’t fare well for me! If they just put one in Melbourne (or hell… right next door to where I live)… I’d be in heaven.

I once did some volunteer work in a small village in Tanzania.

Coolest thing I saw was a little kid wearing a Ghostbusters T-shirt.

Either that or the guy wearing a pair of Nikys. That’s right…
N-I-K-Y, Niky

I thought there was a Taco Bell in melbourne, on that intersection in the centre of the city where there is that huge sculpture that looks like a cross between a bong and a train. Sorry i can’t remember the name of the street, it’s been a while since i have been there (years) and last time it was packed so i didn’t get a feed.


I’ve been to Melbourne (and CBD) and haven’t seen anything… TacoBell.Com doesn’t really help at all. I’ll do a yellowpages search or something. Thanks for the tip!

I still cannot get Victoria Bitter in the USA.


:smiley: Sorry, had to!

Arnott’s Shapes in the UK.
Jaffa Cakes (albeit a non-McVitie’s knockoff) in Australia.

In Africa, I had to fend for myself when it came to tortillas, sausage, or ground meat (you don’t want to know what the local butcher’s grinder looked like). So I made torts from scratch, took along a ball of sausage skin, and bought a grinder attachment for the mixer.

Odinoneeye: I saw a woman in Bamako who must have been 80 years old sporting a T-shirt that said “Wine me, dine me, 69 me.” Funny stuff.

I couldn’t find black olives on pizza in Israel. I asked for them once and the guy at the pizza place clearly thought I was insane. Olives are green, stupid American!

Duckster I’ve felt your pain about the not getting (true) Aussie beer in the States. I had a mate that was in Aus send me a longneck of Carlton Draught one time. It cost him (well, me) heaps, but it was worth it. Beer has never tasted so good.

There has to be some place in the major cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) that imports (or can improt) the beer. I need to work it out next time I’m in the States.

I’m not that well traveled internationally, so I can’t express my delight at spotting … oh, an Applebee’s in Montevideo, or Pontiacs on the roads of Harare. It was strange seeing American-style Denny’s restaurants throughout Mexico, though.

Supposedly, the Tops supermarket chain, based in Buffalo, New York, has some stores in Thailand and Indonesia. Go figure.

I think it might be easier to find uncommon foreign things in the US, considering the abundance of ethnic supermarkets, Indian video rental stores, British specialty food shops, and so on. What about foreign chains? I know there’s Guatemalan and Filipino fast food chains with outlets in California.