Under 21 in Vegas?

OK, so my friends and I are trying to plan a vacation for this summer. Unfortunately, we’re all at that annoying age between 18 and 21. I’ve heard that there’s lots to do in Vegas besides gambling. Is this true? Anyone have any reccommendations? The reason we’re looking into Vegas is because, if you’re not gambling, it’s really cheap (airfare and hotel). Also, do you think they’d give us a hard time about checking into a hotel?

Anybody have any other suggestions for cheap vacation destinations in the continental U.S. where we won’t have to worry about being 21?

i wouldn’t recommend vegas if you’re under 21. you would probably have fun, and you wouldn’t be bored or anything, but i don’t think you’d have as much fun as you could elsewhere. i had been to vegas many times before i turned 21, and once after i turned 21; it’s worth the wait.

as far as other vacation spots, i’d go to key west, but that’s more of a personal thing. i dunno how much fun it’d be for anyone else (but it’s worth checking out!)

My favorite spots are camping locations. Yosemite, Mt. Lassin, Shasta, Lake Jupiter, a lot great camping spots in northern CA

For the love of god, DON’T COME HERE! Whoever told you that there was anything for you in Vegas is probably playing a cruel joke on you. You’re way better off in a bigger city like LA or a smaller town, as suggested above.

Ooner (bored 18-year old Las Vegan)

My only and fist trip to Vegas, I was 2 months away from my 21st BDay. My brother had a wedding just he and his wife, me and my parents.

I was P-I-S-S-E-D, but if I ever go back… I would probably not gamble much, and do what I did when I was under age… I would drink more though! Don’t worry, you should have a great time… Go to the shows that under 21 people can get into (I personally wouldn’t go to a topless show unless there was tallent), eat at buffets, and check for free shows.

Be careful on the streets too

I agree with Ooner…don’t come. Sorry…there really isn’t a whole lot to do if you are under 21, and a lot of casinos might not even let you through the door.
If you do come, however, there is a water park, Wet n’ Wild - there are roller coasters and stuff at Circus Circus and New York New York…but to be honest, you are going to feel like a kid in a candy store who is diabetic…neat to look at, but can’t touch or play.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I just went to vegas in Feb. for a week with a group of friends! It was a blast…and our age range was from 21-33! The girl who was the youngest happened to turn 21 on the day we checked into our hotel…but if you’re not 21 yet…i’d wait! The only thing you’ll be doing is walking the strip and shopping, and tucking yourself in at night while the rest of the city continues to party!

If you will all be at least 19 by the time you leave for vacation, I would recomend either Windsor or Niagra in Canada. Both have casinos and the age for legal drinking and gambling is 19. A trip to Windsor can be really affordable if you go with enough people to split up the cost of the hotels (if you are looking for cheap, avoid ones near the casino) and also the exchange rate favors you. I have never been to Niagra, but friends have told me it is a good time as well.

Stay away from Vegas if you’re under 21!!!

Besides the stuff you can’t do until your 21… you’re choices are limited to the all ages entertainment in the hotels… Which is almost none. The shows (the good ones) run upwards of 60 dollars a person (when I last checked)…

The Canada suggestion is probably for the best. With the exchange rate it’ll be cheaper than you expect and the drinking age is lower :slight_smile: and frankely its a foreign country with lots of interesting things to do (also known as playing the ‘what the hell is the denomination of this coin’ game :slight_smile:

I really don’t think that’s a problem with Canadian currency. It’s all clearly marked in English and all but two of their coins look amazingly like their American counterparts. American vending machines often accept Canadian quarters.

for spring break I went to Victoria Island, I’m 20, it was great, over the drinking age and lots of interesting things to see. It was a little cold but that was no big deal, clean beautiful city with beautiful women. Get drunk and walk the streets!