Under-rated movies of yer yoot...

I nominate Streets of Fire (1984). I was in my mid-20’s when this one came out. Saw it again, recently, and was amazed at how well it had held up. The fight scenes are still entertaining, especially the one when Willem DaFoe and Michael Pare go at it with sledge hammers. The sound track didn’t seem too dated. The “anywhen” mixture of styles for clothing and props still amused me. What is really entertaining is to watch for appearances by people who became stars, at least for a while…
The only real criticism I had was the same one I had back in 1984: Where are the breasteses? A movie like this demands some gratuitous female nudity. There were plenty of opportunities for a pair of boobies to bobble their happy way across the screen, but none ever did.

Forbidden Planet is my favorite movie from my childhood. It’s not at all unknown, but I do think that it’s underappreciated even by those who know it – it’s a much more complex and tightly-knit film than people give it credit for.

As for really underappreciated flicks, how about:

Panic in the Year Zero – Ray Milland as the father of a family escaping from an A-bombed LA. Surprisingly well-done flick on a low budget. Has a Heinleinian feel to it.

Creation of the Humanoids – my memories are a bit hazy, but I recall being impressed at the time by this film about a future society in which the robots are getting so good that they’re hard to tell from people. It’s supposed to be based on Jack Williamson’s The Humanoids, bit it feels more like an Asimov story. In fact, “Bicentennial Man” apes some of the themes.

Flight of the Navigator is a fave from my yoot. I think I was 10 when I first watched it. I was definately pre-high school because it was in Primary school that I watched it, as a christmas treat for the class.