Underappreciated inventions of the 20th century

Clumping cat litter

The safety razor.

Goofballs to get hopped up on.

Interrupter gear for firing machine guns through propeller arcs.

Dual recliner loveseats with built in drink holders.

The Denver Broncos.

The Safety Dance.

The safety belt. I owe my life, literally.

the VP shunt. (made me as healthy as I’m gonna be)

super-absorbent diapers.


The Internet highway system in the U.S. It is hardly unknown but it is greatly underappreciated. It is older than the internet and beats it in terms of societal impact. Somehow Eisenhower doesn’t get the accolades that Al Gore does though.

Uh, you mean Interstate highway system?

Hot running water. Seriously, hot running water. Sure we’ve had it for centuries, but it’s never been so easy and cheap to have it inside your house any time you want it!

The Clapper, duh!

The light bulb, the steam boat, and the cotton gin.



The standardized shipping container

Car air conditioning.
Air conditioning in general is nice but in a car stuck in traffic in august it’s a lifesaver.

C’mon, those aren’t underappreciated.

Automatic doors.

The zipper.

Good choice. I forgot that one. I love logistics and seeing how cheap and easy it is for container ships to just load that stuff on ships with a crane in standard containers in Asia and then just pick it up and plop it on the back of a truck here at home. Many consumer items wouldn’t be nearly as cheap or widespread without those.


19th Century…