Underappreciated Magazines

There is a magazine I pick up all the time that no one I know reads. T3 (Tomorrows Technology Today) is a British technology mag, and it is beyond compare. Don’t let the scantily clad femme fatales on the cover throw, you this magazine is only interested in one thing, the newest, shiniest, and most cutting edge gear on the planet. Cell phones, cars, computers, GPS locators, digital cameras, mountain bikes, Japanese gadget kitsch, hifi stereo, whatever. If its silver, black, or comes with a backlit display and a remote T3 will have stunning, hi-res shots, and a comprehensive review light years before any American rag covers it. Fans of TechTV’s “Fresh Gear” should definately check it out.

Whats your underappreciated magazine?

I always liked George. Apparently that was really underappreciated.

I would nominate Mother Jones and the Whole Earth Review. Both have reported on issues years before they are discusssed in the newspapers.

Mother Jones is best known for its muckraking. They broke the Ford Pinto story and have been the first to report on many issues that are not covered well elsewhere.

The Whole Earth Review is known for its reporting on technology and its impact on society. While far from being Luddites, they are not afraid to analyze logically the negative impacts of technology on the world as a whole. Read, for example the article published there (later made into a book) titled “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” by Jerry Mander. Or the series they did on nanotechnology long before the topic was discussed in newspapers.

Both of these have low circulation, and therefore are well qualified in my opinion as underappreciated.

Fortean Times is endlessly interesting and amusing.

I haven’t read it in years, but I’ll vote for Games.

No annoying world politics, no vapid hobbies, fascinating articles, brain-stimulating puzzles, and the annual Games 100 list! :slight_smile:

The Oxford American! Even if it’s published by John Grisham, you have to admire a magazine named after Faulkner’s hometown…


WWE Magazine
WWE RAW Magazine

The best part about the Games 100 list used to be the cover where you had to identify all the games from one of the pieces or components obscured in some sort of collage. I remember spending hours and hours figuring it out as a kid, because the grand prize was every single friggin’ game in the list! Alas, I never won. And I don’t think they do it anymore. But yes, Games Magazine is great, although I’ve only read it very infrequently lately.