What's your favorite magazine

I used to read paper magazines a lot but not so much anymore. I’m not only looking for suggestions but also wondering what periodicals dopes read most or find interesting.

The New Yorker - I’ve subscribed for 20+ years.

Tune Reader



Games magazine, or maybe Games World of Puzzles.

Damn auto correct! Not Tune Reader, Utne Reader!

Vogue Knitting, but unless you’re a knitter, you probably won’t be interested.

Scientific American and Skeptical Inquirer.

(Sigh. I really miss old “Strategy & Tactics” Magazine. I have all but the first ten issues.)

Metal Hammer and The New Yorker are my favs.

Same here. Except change the number to 32 years.*
*(not that it’s a competition, but if it were, I win :)).

I try to pick up each issue of Mental Floss when I see it on the newsstand. I like to have something to read when I’m grabbing a quick meal someplace. Has kind of a Dope vibe to it; interesting facts on a variety of obscure subjects.

Bon Appetite

National Geographic

Cooking Light

Car and Driver

Don’t have a count of years, but yeah. As I have stated on this board a few times, The New Yorker magazine is a national treasure. Remnick is a great editor.

I also subscribed to Entertainment Weekly for the pop culture survey it offers.

Sunset (but it may only be familiar to those in the West)

Yeah I love TNY. Tell me about Metal Hammer.

And thanks everyone for the feedback so far.

I subscribe to a lot of magazines. It’s rare that any one single issue is great all the way through. All together, though, it amasses to lots of fine reading.

That’s why I’m kicking myself for not having discovered Arts & Letters Daily earlier. A website from the Chronicle of Higher Education, it combs through dozens of high-end magazines, newspapers, and websites and links the best articles, essays, and reviews. Many of the magazines mentioned here are included.

The Atlantic

Oooh - will check that out!

Around here we subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, Food Network Magazine, Chili Pepper, and a bunch of gardening magazines. Hard to pick a favorite.

The New Yorker
The New Republic
The Atlantic
Naval History

Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetite.