What magazine have you stuck with the longest?

Magazines come and go. Subscriptions end. Maybe you were introduced to a magazine when relatively young that you still read in digital form, or subscribe to. Maybe you only buy it occasionally but have done so for years.

What magazine have you stuck with for the longest time?

For me, probably The Economist.

Probably Make Magazine, with National Geographic a close second from long ago.


Rolling Stone

Another National Geographic subscriber for 20+ years.

The World of Interiors.

I’ve been a subscriber to The New Yorker since 1982. My current subscription ran out just this week. I was floored when I saw the renewal price.

My streak may have just ended.


ETA: I went to verify the price before submitting this post and I found a pretty good deal, so I just renewed. Streak intact.

Road & Track, since about 1976.

While all of these are in the “on and off” category, I’ve read them for a long time:

  • Discover, since the late '80s
  • Model Railroader, since the late '70s
  • The Atlantic, since around 2000

A tie, Fantasy & Science Fiction and Analog, 1972, with Scientific American close behind, 1975.

I’m sensing a trend.

Another New Yorker subscriber. I’ve taken it continuously also since around 1982. I’ve learned so much from that magazine.

Fantasy and Science Fiction. I’ve subscribed since the mid-70s.

Analog since the mid-70s.

Also, I read Dragon Magazine (about role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons in particular) from 1982 until they went digital-only in 2008, and then continued reading the digital version for several more years after that. But, at that point, I got burned out on 4th Edition D&D, and finally stopped reading it at that point.

Grew up with The New Yorker and still subscribe. The digital subscription is worth it for the archives alone.

Cook’s Illustrated. Read every issue cover to cover, and try at least one recipe.

Does The New York Times Sunday Magazine count? Because I read the paper, including the Sunday magazine, as a kid because my father received (and still continues to receive after perhaps fifty years) the paper in paper form. But for at least a couple of decades, I’ve only subscribed digitally to the paper.

I was subscribed to Discover magazine for about 10 years or so over a decade ago. Haven’t been subscribed to any myself for a long time. My uncle bought me a subscription to Classic Car but I haven’t read any of them.

Wired magazine. Not sure how long I’ve been a subscriber, maybe 2005.

Behind that is Rolling Stone. My brother and I subscribed when we were teens and then I subscribed again for a few years recently. I would still have a subscription because I still do find it good, but I am having trouble making it through Wired as it is (I read cover-to-cover).

I majored in magazine journalism in college. If I had a ton of free time (ok time when I wasn’t watching tv) I would subscribe to a lot of magazines. I love them and I think they’re beautiful.

This might be a separate thread. I only discovered this magazine 10-15 years ago. Curious what your ten favourites are, but do not feel obliged to answer, or answer in that way.

For me, it’s Time. My parents had a subscription, and I read it growing up; and when I was on my own, got my own subscription. So maybe fifty-some years.