Underground lake in Darfur

Story here.

I heard about this as I drove into work this morning. What really caught my ear was that the leader of the team that discovered it was Farouk El-Baz. Since I’m such a Space Geek I just had to mention it.

I think this is what happened:

They then found an enormous underground lake, which could supply enough water to attend to all of their needs. This would save the land, stop the fighting, and peace and freedom from persecution would reign.

It was only after the wells were sunk, that they discovered that the years of fighting and genocide in Darfur had poisoned the underground lake with heavy deposits of lead and uranium from the bullets used in the fighting…

I was just thinking about how long it would take them to get around to poisoning the lake. Hate to be so cynical, but there it is.

Seems like kind of a shame when even good news is bad news.

Still, it’s neat that El-Baz is in the news.

Not to be a nitpicker, but… ok, totally to be a nitpicker:

I doubt any of the combatants in Darfur are using depleted uranium ammunition.

I’m confused, the article said nothing about the water being poisoned… Did I miss something?

No, we’re just being cynical.

The poisoned water thing was a joke, referring to the O. Henry (not O’Henry) story “The Gift of the Magi” where a woman cuts off her hair and sells it to buy a pocket watch chain for her husband, and the husband sells his pocket watch to buy his wife a comb - the end result being that both the gifts are useless.

Thanks, I’m not usually so slow. :smack: