Understatement is funny (possibly another game)

Understatement is one of my favourite things in comedy. Someone sets out for work. Halfway there they’ve already got on the wrong train, forgotten their lunch, ruined their shirt with a leaking pen, stood in dog poo, and lost their left leg.

“Things are not going according to plan”
This thread can go several ways…

Post an example, real or imagined, seen on tv/film/book or observed in life, of funny understatement.

Or, Post a phrase (such as “hum, that wasn’t supposed to happen”) for the next poster to make up a story for.

Or both.
Or just call me an annoying sod. It’s your post.

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I’m feeling a little drunk.

See? here she is.

[okaym that was bad. I just didn’t watn this thread to die without seeing something done to it, for it, four eyes, oh yeah?! yeah! why don’t you come over here and say that, smeg head?! maybe I will! Fine! Fine!]

Ok, ok… here’s one:


From Yellowbeard:

Blind Pew: Sounded like there was a bit of a squabble.
Moon [looking around at bodies on floor]: Squabble? They’re all dead.
Blind Pew: Ahhh, must have been more of a tiff, then…

Said something facetious at work today. Colleague turned and gave me the squinty “you didn’t really mean that, didja?” look, and I had to tell her I was joking.

Her response: “you have to have a sense of humour for that.”


“Found it! Jack, it’s here.” exclaimed Earl. The nuclear device was disguised as a fridge. Even inside the fridge appeared to be normal.

“What makes you think this is it?” said Jack. Earl held up the plug. “the light is on, and it’s unplugged. The bomb must be in the cooler unit”

Eventually the two of them managed to take the fridge apart. they were down to just one metal cover. Earl took the cover off and saw a red digital countdown…


New reaction - “Oh dear, it was in drive”

You can at times be ever so slightly trying.

Only joking. I had to though - you did ask…

So, I’m watching one of the “middle generation” Godzilla movies with the two-year-old Skeezling t’other day. Well, watching it in the sense that it was on one of the cable channels, and we were listening to it and glancing up occasionally, as we cleaned the living room, and her bedroom. Most of what we were picking up was a scattering of her toys, so cleaning up your stuff was heavy on her mind. Especially because I’d said to her, just before we started cleaning, “This place is a mess. We gotta pick up all this stuff. Let’s go.”

The Big G and some random kaiju (possibly Ghidora, can’t recall offhand, now) are decimating the oft destroyed Tokyo skyline in a brawl. Just as another skyscraper comes atumblin’ down in a shower of dust and flying debris, she turns to me and says, “Look Daddy, that’s a mess.”