Unemployment Commiseration Thread

Are you out of work, too? Complain about it here, offer advice on job hunting and beating away depression.

I’ll start.
:frowning: There’s not a lot of jobs out there in the video realm around here, especially in a slumping economy. I can’t move because mrs.gnu’s job is too good to give up for anything I might get somewhere else. I also need steady work, not one-off jobs. I’d rather get into video games (I’m an animator), but that seems to always require industry experience or a contact on the inside. Plus, with Electronic Arts laying people off, it’s not like there’s much there either, so I’m competing with people who have bigger resumes for smaller jobs.

I’ve never been unemployed before. I’m seriously considering taking a crappy retail job to pay the bills now that my severance is running out.
Dear Og, I hate complaining about my life because nobody cares and plenty of other people are far worse off than I am, but being out of work is getting old real quick.

In better news, I did find Indeed.com, which is a decent job-site aggregator.

How are you holding up?

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I’m not currently unemployed but I was for 3 months this summer so I know how hard it is! When things got really lean and tough, I signed up for those paid surveys via craigslist. Also, I discovered that it is really important to conduct your life like you have a job. Don’t sleep in and bum around the house feeling sorry for yourself. Volunteer your time and/or pack your day full of job hunt activities. Unemployment office services are really hit or miss but I highly suggest taking advantage of any training or job search help they offer. Good luck! Remember, the wheel always turns - one day you’re down in the muck and then you’re up in the air.

I’m not unemployed-- I’ve got a crappy retail job. The problem I have is that it is a crappy retail job, so I have capricious and inadequate hours, and I’m having a hard time figuring out what constitutes an appropriate amount of commitment to my job. (And in two months, or less, really, I need a new place to live).

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Thanks! I hadn’t noticed that thread before.