Unexpected "bonuses" in restaurant meals

Chicken bone in a doughnut from a local doughnut shop.

A chip of wood baked into a biscuit.

A sliver of wood (not quite as long or thick as a toothpick) in a bottled soft drink.

Rocks (real rocks) in the bottom of a bowl of soup.

All real life. All first hand.

Anyone else?

a bloody band-aid baked into my pizza.


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Hair in a Mexican meal. Complained to the waiter, who brought out another meal - with even more hair inside.

At a movie theater, about halfway through a tub of buttered popcorn, I became aware of a large dark object amongst the kernals. Going out to the lobby, I found a large greasy chunk of metal. When I took it back to the refreshment stand, the staff member said, “I was wondering where that went” and started to get me some more popcorn. I opted for a refund instead.

God knows how many hairs, 2 band-aids (I didn’t check the absorbent strip part because ignorance is much better in those situations), a Lee press-on nail, a chewed up toothpick, and two rocks. The most common place to find the items (toothpick, nail, 1 bandaid) was pizza.

And those were the items that I found

I’m really really hoping that this thread doesn’t have many responses…(no offense Mjollnir) I’ve never found anything in my food, but if this keeps up I may never eat out again…(shudder)

I’ve found pennies in my food a few times, much to my disgust. Why can’t I find real money instead? :wink:

I have a vibrator, a computer and pizza delivery…why on earth would I want to leave the house?

When I was working in a restaurant as a cook, a commotion in the back came up as the prep cook was yelled at because a customer found a band-aid in his soup.

I was a line-cook who went nowhere near the soup in the back, but I just heard about it.

I was in High School at the time. There was a teacher there who didn’t like me very much, even though I was not in his class. But I used to hang out with my science teacher while he was there and he would fuck with me.

So I’m hanging out after school with my science teacher, and he comes in. Starts complaining about being in a restaurant and… Well, you know!

So I pipe up, “Oh that’s the special at Shoney’s! That was you, huh? Glad you enjoyed it! I usually have them charge extra for that…”

He stopped fucking with me from then on…

Yer pal,

At the Stinking Rose restaurant in San Francisco, my dinner companion and I found shards of GLASS in the bread. Our mouths were BLEEDING when we complained, but we didn’t even get the meal for free (and we never went back).

In high school some friends used to work at McDonalds and they would tell us that they would spit on the cheeseburgers before putting the top bun on. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s since.


You should have sued.


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I found a staple in my burrito the other day. I’ve heard of “staple diets”, but this is ridiculous…

That’s about the extent of my culinary bonus experience, although I did once find a wad of chewed gum stuck under a plate at the salad bar at Pizza Hut.

A live roach in a salad.

It crawled ontop of a bit of lettuce–AFTER I eaten half of the salad. Oh, yuck. I yelped something like, “Oh, yuck” and pushed back from the table in a hurry. The folks at my table and the adjoining tables all started picking at their food with a marked lack of enthusiasm.

Best response: from one of my companions, “Oh dear, and now EVERYONE will want one!”

Worst response: from the bored waiter, (HUGE SIGH), “Okay, I’ll bring you another salad.” When I replied that I’d pretty much lost my appetite for salad, he shrugged and said, “well, I offered” and walked away.

This was in a moderately upscale restaurant. Satan, where were you when needed? I’m sure you would have at least offered a freebie glass of wine to kill the roach eggs I was sure were incubating on my tongue.

Not hungry any more,

SC, Yeah we thought about it. We even waited to see if we had to go to the hospital before we left the restaurant. Everything “came out” okay though.

The annoying thing was that the manager just said, “How could that have happened?” as if WE put the glass in the bread. Then we peeled off a fresh slice and showed him the glistening shards. Stupid restaurant.

While working at Little Ceasar’s, we once found a band-aid right in the middle of a block of cheese we were cutting up to be shredded. IIIICCCKK.

I was at the zoo this weekend. I was in line to get food and the person ahead of me said to the cashier, “Can I have another hotdog? This bread has mold on it!” The worst part was, he stood there awhile and finally soemone came up to him and said, “Sorry about the delay…they’re looking for a better one for you.”

I ordered the fries.

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

I have a rock hard stomach and it’s a good thing as my work often takes me to far ends of the Earth where restraunt sanitation is unknown. Still, I can fully understand being grossed out by any sort of bug in one’s food or by used band aids. And of course, anything potentially harmful such as glass shards warrents a complaint. But what’s the deal with hair? Everyone seems to be totally revolted by finding a stray hair in their food, but I just don’t get it. What’s the big deal?

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A tick in my drink, dead cockroach in McNuggets holster, a moth in a burger, spit on a burger (I watched the guy do it, and punched him in the gut), sand on salad, half eaten donut, some sort of worm in my salmon. Lovely.

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Oh, yeah, we used to find worms in the fish when I worked in a restaurant. Once the fish was cooked the worms “disappeared”.

You know Lucky, I’ve thought about the hair thing as well. I get hair in food all the time - becoming immune but I guess I got grossed out because I could tell a lot of people in this city don’t wash their hair. Also, it may have something to do with that gag reflex that happens when you have one hair in your mouth. I dunno.

I had KP once while in basic training. The meal that day was spaghetti. As I watched a huge vat of sauce simmer, I saw a big ol’ grasshopper come bubbling up.

I didn’t say anything. What the hell, a little fresh meat is better than none.

Thank you Rysdad. I hate you now.

Re-reading this thread, something really weird occured to me. I was pretty upset about the staple in the burrito at the time. I could have chipped a tooth, or swallowed it and caused potentially serious internal injuries.

However, the time I found a dead caterpillar in my green chile stew, I just pushed it to the side of my plate and kept on eating. It was forgivable, sometimes those things eat their way inside a chile pepper, and nobody notices until it’s too late. It happens. All it meant to me was that the chile was very fresh indeed, and that there was some extra protein in the meal. Besides, at least it was dead. To write about this incident did not even occur to me until now. I guess my stomach is just too strong for its own good.