Unfair Trivia Questions Game ...

What was/is the most unfair trivia question you’ve heard? Answer previous and/or ask new … answer yours after 15 posts if not correctly answered …

Eddie Gaedell. In a promotion gimmick by Bill Veek!

What’s so unfair about the question?

Answer: Eddie Gaedel.

As long as we’re on baseball:

Who was the only baseball player to be traded for himself?

Zev Steinhardt (not the correct answer…)

What have I got in my pocket?

string or nothing!

How many fingers am I holding up?

One…and F-you too, buddy!

The Immortal Harry Chiti.

Now this one is unfair: Name the two members of the Baseball Hall of Fame who wore #3 for the New York Yankees. That a “three,” they’re both baseball players, and they’re both in the Hall of Fame. One, of course, is easy. :wink:

Who didn’t not win the Most Valuable Prayer Award:

a. Jose Gonzalez
b. James Browne
c. Pope Paul XXXV
d. nun of the above

A Royal blue balled snarkie?

Babe Ruth.