Unfortunate ad placement

Really mundane/pointless, but I was just perusing the What’s New section on Snopes and ran across the story of a woman who killed her infant by microwaving it to death.

As I scrolled down through the story, a ran across an ad on the right side of the page. It was for Healthy Choice “Cafe Steamers” microwave meals. My face immediately contorted itself, halfway between a snicker and an “Oh my God” expression. Oy!

Anyway, feel free to share your own examples.

I saw a screenshot allegedly of MSNBC’s front page on September 11, 2001, that had a photo of the explosion from a plane crashing into one WTC tower just above an ad for frequent flyer miles from (I think) Delta Airlines.

I say allegedly because I imagine it’d be easy to fake such a screenshot.

Heh. Gotta love relevantly-placed ads – even when the body of text they are relevant to is horrifying. :slight_smile:

Personally, I love this list of unfortunately positioned ads and items in real life. (Included is a similarly horrifying toddler death/poorly chosen ad)

It was United.

And the circle closes.

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link…the last one took me a couple of seconds. I love geek humor. :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s still there. I’m sending the screenshot to friends (child-free, of course) hee hee

The Swedish company Locum - or “locum” as they always write it - had a big christmas ad campaign 2001 in which they substituted the “o” for an heart. The “Unfortunated ad placement” here was just about everywhere.

You will have to explain that one a bit better. I have no idea what they did that is funny.

lower case l + heart + cum = I love cum

This promo for the Fox network’s fall 2006 season. I would have watched this show in a heartbeat.

Hah! Perhaps that will be the plot of season #7 – awesome!

So the opposite of what you originally posted. :dubious:
They put a heart where the o had been. I get that.

I didn’t say it was funny. It was unfortunate.

I’m disappointed in myself that I never caught the Yahoo/404 placement. I’ve seen possibly hundreds of games there, and I hate Yahoo.