Hilariously appropriate internet advertising

We’ve all noticed that internet advertising these days is often tailored to suit the viewer based on common words in the text of the webpage the viewer is reading. Earlier today I was watching some Youtube videos and I came across this little gem:

Have you guys ever come across any similarly hilarious directed advertising blunders?

What is that thing? Some sort of squirrel catapult?

Yeah its a collinder hooked up to some elastic bands. When a squirrel walks onto it they send the squirrel flying. The funny part is the piedmont squirrel removal advertisement accompanying the video.

That’s exactly what it is.


That seems… somewhat cruel.

It’s not like he was left in a car on a hot day or anything.

Nope. It’s not well known, but every squirrel yearns to be a flying squirrel.

Yes, every squirrel has that heartbreaking moment. Just like Buzz Lightyear.