I Need a Sniglet

You all remember sniglets, right? You know, a “word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should,” which Rich Hall had so many classic comic moments with years ago. Well, I need one for a certain phenomenon, and where better to turn than to the minds of the SDMB?

For years, the Internet Movie Database used to display a banner ad above the search box at the top of their home page. A problem that arose is that the search box would be displayed first as the page loaded, and then the ad. You’d go to click in the search box, but a split second before you did, the banner would appear, thus moving the search box down and you would inadvertently click on the ad. They’ve removed the ad and this is no longer a problem there, but it’s happening quite a bit on my smartphone now for other sites. So, anybody got an idea for what to call this annoying occurrence?

Sneak ad-tack? Bait and click?

I vote for bait and click!

Strategic misdirection.

Like bait & click!

Contentnential Drift? (though bait and click is going to be hard to beat)

I like bait and click, myself. I loved sniglets. I remember the outdated bevamirage - when you used to buy a 2 liter (For the family. To last a week.) of soda and the bottom had a little black cap on it that made you think there was more left in the bottle than there really was; every time I consider cutting through the gas station parking lot I think “No, essoasso”.



(But bait ‘n’ click is really good.)


Good ones! Which one of you is masquerading as Rich Hall? :slight_smile:

My fave was “Karkfum”.

It was what Rich Hall said when he tried to think of the most offensive swear word to say while he had a mouthful of ice cream and some crazed driver (I believe) splashed him with a puddle in the road.

I saw this on Fridays, which I wasn’t s’posed to be watching, but my mom drank a lot of wine. :slight_smile: