Remember these? Was it Rich Hall who came up with these humor books for words that should exist:Spood, the wooden thing you sometimes get to eat ice cream. I’ve lost my sniglet book, but I did come up wiyh one:
Passhole, defined as the guy who uses all four lanes and perhaps the shoulder to weave through.Gets to work 5 minutes faster than you.

What’s the opposite of to enlarge?Reduce doesn’t cover all uses.We need a word…

Anyway, list away…

Cheedles- The stuff on you fingers after you eat a cheese flavored corn chip. Doritos, cheetos, etc.

I love sniglets. Thanks for starting this thread.

Aquadextrous - the ability to turn off a bathtub faucet with your toes.

Napjerk: That strange feeling of falling that you get sometimes right as you’re falling asleep.

Kawashock: The feeling you get when you pull up to the last available parking space only to find a motorcycle is parked there.

CHECKUARY: the period of time at the beginning of the year where you keep writing last year’s date on your checks.
PUPKUSS: dog slobber on a car window

Foz – the black crusty buildup under the cap of the ketchup bottle. I remember this from one of the actual books and was using it one day and my husband replied “Ex-CUSE ME!!!” He’s sniglet impaired, apparently.

What is voguevixen a sniglet for?

Some original Rich Hall sniglets:
backspackle- on bicyclists’ backs
buttnick- on an ashtray
dognut- large (5sided?)nut on fire hydrant
fictate- talk to TV characters
houndwinding- dog makes circles
manillium- the length of time the metal clasp lasts
pigslice-last slice of pizza
rubbage-dead tires on road

I modified this one:
washaglyph- symbols on garment about care

Halaska - The little corner of the map with the Hawaii and Alaska maps.

Sorry, this is the only one that I can remember.

Can we make up our own?

ningles: That nice tingly feeling you get when listening to a great piece of music or if you are similarly inspired.

this one was actually first from George Carlin

Borburigmy (bore-bur-IG-me) - the language your stomach uses to talk to you.

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Dreckfast: the meal eaten at 4 a. m. after a night of heavy drinking, usually at Waffle House or a similar establishment.

(My favorite)

Lactomangulation: the act of trying to open a cardboard milk carton and screwing it up so badly that you give up and resort to opening the “illegal” side of the carton.

Ignosecond: that moment in which you realize you’ve left the keys in the ignition, but too late to stop your hand from slamming the car door.

Sidewaltz: that little shuffle-dance that 2 people do when coming from opposite directions on a sidewalk. He had another sniglet for this one, shufflesomething…can’t remember it now.

Eastroturf: The fake grass in Easter baskets.
Cubelo: The last ice cube left by the lazy person, who is too lazy to refill the tray.
P-spot: spot above urinal you have to stare at if someone is peeing in the next urinal

greyblind – use to describe a person who sees things only in black and white

snackmosphere – that layer of compressed air in every potato chip bag

I remember the little booklet, but I only remember a few “deFUNitions” yuk yuk

CHARP: that green/black burnt illegitimate potato chip in the bag (I never ate those)

HOZONE: the place where your socks disappear to in the dryer (for the longest time I DID NOT get this, until we learned “ozone” for vocab. D-U-H

SLOOPAGE: Stuff that falls out of your sandwich while you’re eating it

SPORK: the all-purpose utensil you get in the cafeteria

I can’t remember the term, but it meant the last few cheerios that cling to the side of the bowl…hmmmm, anyone remember?

also, my sis and I made up the insult “buttch” a combo of butt & bitch. Hey we were like, 7 and 10 years old. It was heavy disrespect.

Vol 2 had one cheerio term:cheeriomagnetization, the tendency for the last 4 or 5 cheerios to stick together for survival.

Needed: term for peopl who drive diagonally across parking lots. And a term for writing a check that would bounce, then making a deposit the next day to cover it.

Ivana: you came up with something food related in a topic that I can’t find. Do you remember which topic?

Sunbear, yah it was at the end of the Turkey TV Nickelodeon thing. I really couldn’t think of an answer, just that my cousins in Croatia lament the fact that they don’t have chocolate chip cookies over there. SO whenever one of us goes we have to smuggle in a few tubes of Pillsbury dough in our suitcases.

Right.Smuggle cookies.

Proposed terms for above:
leapcheck: the check that will bounce, unless you bouncept it with a deposit
diagozoom: the driving across parking lots diagonally