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I checked snopes before I posted this, and didn’t find anything. I’d be interested in hearing if any of these things are actually true (or if anyone else has heard of them). One is that Walt was a “butt man” and that he insisted the butts of cartoon characters look “just so” before he’d allow them to be released. Supposedly, this was the inspiration for the cartoon featuring bears picking up trash and bumping butts. The next is that Walt was a cokehead and this caused the company problems which shooting Fantasia, because Walt was so whacked out on coke. Third is that when Walt died, they found one of the largest collections of bestiality porn in his personal effects. Finally, he was accused of molesting children, but managed to buy his way out of it. I’m willing to bet that all of these are false, but then again, Walt could be one weird dude. (See Cecil’s column on Walt for the details.)

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I was able to find a snopes article addressing the cocaine issue. You may not have found it because it’s listed under the films rather than the special Walt page.
Most drug rumors arose when 60’s and 70’s kids discovered how freakin’ trippy Fanasia and Alice were (not to mention the Pink Elephants and Heffalumps and Woozles).

A Google search on the bestiality subject came back with numerous references to the high number of animals and anthropomorphic animal characters in Disney animated films, with any possible sexuality being evidence of Walt’s tendancies.

Him being anal about the quality of the butts is slightly more believable, but only because anatomy is very important in animation, and a sequence featuring bouncing butts would have to be scrutinized just as much as anything else, but makes for a funny anecdote if you get to say “Hee, hee… Walt Disney just told me my butts didn’t look good enough.”

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The true facts of Disney’s life are bad enough. The piece of shit was a union-buster. I have more respect for child molesters.

No, he mentioned the cocaine.

…and the dumper. It’s a power source, don’tchaknow?

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That article in The Hollywood Reporter didn’t bother to check its facts. It says,

In fact, the on-screen credits to Snow White credited the supervising director, all five of the sequence directors, two of the four assistant directors, eight writers, 10 art directors, three composers, the lyricist, all four supervising animators, 24 of the 34 animators, two character designers, seven background artists, and the Brothers Grimm.

Curiously, those who are not in the on-screen credits are the vocal performers: Adriana Caselotti as Snow White, Lucille LaVerne as the Wicked Queen, Moroni Olsen as the Magic Mirror, etc.

Which must have been satisfying for the animators, seeing as up until that point, the only name which appeared on the shorts was Walt Disney’s. (By the 1950s, the animators and staff of the shorts did eventually get credited. It’s interesting how representation and unions and want of recognition have changed the credits for all sorts of films, not just animation- from the days in which only the producer or studio head got his name on the film, to nowadays, when practically everybody gets screen credit. In the case of Pixar, you literally only have to be born during production and you’ll get your name on the film.)

Don’t forget that the entire concept of screen credits was only a few years old at the time of Snow White, and it wasn’t clear what amount of work (and at what position) was worthy of a screen credit in an animated film, as it was the first feature-length one.


You haven’t seen a lot of old movies, have you?

I mean movies were only invented a few decades before.

Is it too much to ask you to read your own cites?

It should also be pointed out that the Union leadership did not take a vote of its members before calling the strike. Of the more than 700 Disney artists and assistants coming under that jurisdiction, 293 went on strike, while 417 remained at work.

Before the strike was called, Disney said in a memo to company employees,