unhealthy diets

What is the most unhealthy things you’ve eaten.When I was in high school,I used to eat cake and water for breakfast,sometimes miss lunch,and eat potatoe chips when I got home!I don’t know how I survived,but,I have given up chips.Anyone saying they used to eat head cheese and cool whip for breakfast will be the winner(or loser actually :slight_smile:

Cocoa Puffs – sugared chocolate for breakfast

Pixie Stixs – a heaping gob of sugar

Bologna, Hot Dogs, Sausage – a pastey mixture of the most barely edible parts of various farm animals and factory rodents chock filled with nitrates and carcinogenic ‘preservatives’

Non-dairy fast-food-chain ‘shakes’ – so unnatural, that they can’t use ‘milk’ or ‘cream’ to describe it

Oreos – The ‘creme’ (notice the spelling) is sugared lard

Eggs – The unfertilized menstrual waste of fowl


Of these, I still eat oreos and eggs, though, not at the same time.


People from the Philadelphia area will know this one:

Scrapple: The stuff that wasn’t good enough for sausages. They take it, mash it up with some pimentos, and bake it into a loaf. Pretty tasty with maple syrup.

Jason R Remy

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I never heard of Scrapple before I moved here, but my husband who is from the area loves it. I can’t even look at it and if he wants it for breakfast, he has to prepare it himself. I can’t think of a nastier thing to look at on my breakfast plate. However, the egg crack above (sorry about the pun) is making me feel a bit icky…

This has got to be the most fat-laden lunch one could indulge in and, before I went veg, my favorite: Peanut butter and bacon on wheat toast. I know it sounds horrible, but it really is very tasty.

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I don’t remember who said it, but

As for “disgusting” food, in St. Louis, there is a restaurant that serves something called a “Slinger”. Take two cheseburger paties. Put a fried egg on each, hash browns next to them, them smother the whole thing in chili. Wonderful stuff. My wife can’t even stand to look at it.

As for things that I now thing would be gross - maccaroni and cheese with catsup.

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Maybe this is a good place to post this, maybe not. Has any one ever read the ingredients on one of those “Slim Jims?” The list says they contain mechanically separated chicken. What the heck is mechanically separated chicken? Does it differ from naturally separated chicken?

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UncleBeer, I thought for a while that I was the only one who saw that! A friend at work suggested it to me as a title for an alternative comic strip (we wasted a lot of time doing that sort of thing).
As for the most unhealthy thing I have ever eaten (or at least, am willing to admit I ate :wink: I have eaten cold pizza covered with strawberry jam in the past (hey, I was low on bread…) Probably other things, but those that eat McMatter all the time should get honorable mention.

Well, it’s not so much the crap I do eat (and I do) but the good stuff I don’t eat.

I don’t eat fruit or vegetables.


You don’t put anything on your guano?


Mexican * chorizo *. A sausage made (from what I’ve heard) from the salivary glands of pigs or cows. Great with eggs though.

Also, I love Spam. Don’t know why, but that shit is about as unnatural a food as you can come by.

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Chourico. It’s pronounced “sha-reese,” and the only place I know of it is southeastern Massachusetts. Its a Portuguese meat product, and apparently made from some pig part(s). Generally, there are several flavors, hot, hotter, sun’s surface, and the ever popular oh-my-god-my-mouth-is-gone flavor. It can’t possibly be healthy. Makes a great topping on pizza, though.


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I’m quite fond of cheddar cheese myself. I’ve eaten it melted by itself; with ranch dressing, on toast, on tuna toast, always in high quantities - up to half a piound at a time. This explains why i am 20 lbs overweight… and why you couldn’t break my bones with a 20 lb sledge.

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Every day when I got home from school…junior high…I would eat a bag of mothers cookies, a frozen burrito, a bag of doritos and about five or six oreo ice cream sandwiches…the small ones that were the size of an oreo cookie…by the way…does anyone remember these? Can they be found somewhere? They were Oreo cookies with cookie and cream ice cream in the middle…man they were good…As I got older I dicovered that they tasted a little like rum.

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.