Unicron vs. Galactus

Galactus: Possibly the most powerful being in the Marvel comics universe sort of Yahweh (maybe). Eater of worlds. Older than the universe itself. Some 30 feet tall, but it can vary.

Unicron: Possibly the most powerful being in the Transformers-Marvel universe. Eater of worlds. Almost as old as time itself. As large as an Earth-sized planet. Maybe larger.

Galactus’ death could bring about the destruction of the universe. Unicron wouldn’t care, he wishes to destroy the universe.

Galactus has had Tony Jay for a Seiyu. Unicron has had Orson Welles.

But, the “cincher” for me?

Galactus is a (admittedly giant, god-like) guy in a funny costume.

Unicron is a giant robot. ‘Nuff said.
So…anyone else feel like takin’ this one on?

And please, gentlemen…the contenders in this match are both highly advanced, highly powerful beings. They’re assuredly both VERY prepared, and have grown beyond the need for 1920s style death rays.

Can’t help thinking the robot’s name looks like unicorn. Not too familiar with that one, but – c’mon. What a name to give to a character that’s supposed to be fearsome!

There has never been a full-length animated Fantastic Four film for big G to appear in.

There has been a full length Transformers: The Motion Picture. And it had a great soundtrack.

In addition to vast Cosmic power, Unicron has Star Power. Hollywood star power, that is.

I say Unicron takes it all.

Hmm, super robot vs super being? I have to side with the living creature if only because once we make machines that can/will kick our collective asses completely its all over anyway.

And, like, The Living Tribunal, and Eternity, and Infinity.

I don’t think so. Cybertron is a tiny, tiny planet (just look how big the seeker jets were while fighting Unicron), and he was just a little bigger than that in planet mode.
Anyway, Galactus. What would Unicron do to him? It’s not like you can just punch him out. I think Galactus would take him out pretty easily. At the very least, he could tear him limb from limb so he coldn’t do any more damage.

Galactus the immortal planet eater vs a big robot? Oh Puh-leeze!

…I might note that Unicron has eaten quite a few planets himself in his day, astro.

And in fact, according to the bio of his comic book incarnation, Unicron isn’t just a “big robot,” but a big robot-god (a little odd for a deity to take the form of a machine, but hey…if you’re god, you can be whatever you want to be) who has actually eaten almost the entire universe at one point. (It “got better”)

Galactus, on the other hand, couldn’t even eat Earth.

Galactus’ chief “henchman”? A guy on a surfboard.

Unicron’s chief henchman, when he needed one? *Megatron*.

I’m voting straight-ticket giant robot on this one, fellas.

I gotta hand this one to Unicron. Why? I once read a comic, one of those “vs” comics. Galactus vs Darkseid. Galactus decided to chow down on Apokalips. Much fighting ensued(and of course the obligatory attempt to turn the Silver Surfer against Galactus) but Darkseid was defeated and Galactus deployed his energy-feeding cables to start the munching. After a moment he howled with frustrated rage and said something like this. “There is no life on this planet! All the life was decimated and now all that remains are machines and soulless beings like yourself! Why did you fight me so hard to protect your world instead of allowing me to find this out and leave you in peace?” Darkseid replied “Because Apokalips is MY world, and even if I knew you would not have a use for it, I will not yield it to your probing without a fight.”

So there you have it. Galactus looks for inhabited planets, with lots of life on them. He has a weakness against machines and lifeless forms. I gotta go with Unicron here.


Unicron is a god.

He is also a robot.

This means he’s a living Deus Ex Machina.

Consequently, he can kick galactus’ ass without trying.

And he’s voiced by ORSON WELLES.


But if Batman was prepared and had a 1920’s style “Death Ray” he could kick both of their butts.

Yeah right… Galactus would say "I AM THE THE WILL! I AM THE WAY! and proceed to take his shiny metallic Transformer [sub]TM[/sub] robot ass apart like a cosmic can opener and re-assemble him as a garbage re-processing unit for his spaceship! Don’t screw around with the G-man!

Galactus kills things by absorbing them. But he can’t absorb lifeless things. Robots are lifeless things.

The winner… Unicron!

Tell that to the badass robot Ultron, when Galactus sucked the energy out of his mouth and snuffed him like a little birthday candle.

But the all-powerful Moderator Man can kick both of their puny asses out of the IMHO universe and into the Cafe Society universe. :smiley:

I think I read about this hypothetical matchup on some site or other. People would vote on who they thought would win in a – for instance – Betty vs. Veronica fight, or Wonder Woman vs. Xena (I think it was Xena).

Anyway, one guy pointed out that machines are always wimpier than living tissue in the comics. For example, when Captain America get blasted by a laser, he smokes and sizzles for a bit then gets up afterwards. However, when the Vision gets blasted, he gets a big gaping hole in his chest. That guy’s logic sounds good to me.

We should get several things clear: Galactus’ appearance is based on people’s perceptions of him, not his actual appearance. People saw a purple giant in a Kirbyesque suit because that’s what they thought they’d see.

This eliminates Galactus’ “cheesy” factor.

Second: Galactus is not a villain. Galactus has been established as a “force of nature” type entity, existing for his own survival and eating people the way people inadvertently swallow bacteria. And he is possessed of a degree of compassion, as illustrated by his act of sparing Zenn-La at the sacrifice of Norrin Radd. AND he’s been willing to work with Reed Richards to find planets other than Earth to eat, and NOT always by blackmail (“Eat nullifier, jerk ass!”).

Unicron is a villain, plain and simple. Villains always lose.

Yeah, but bacteria don’t screamand beg for their families lives, resipsa. :wink:

And, I might note, Unicron’s movie was animated by a Japanese subcontractor…so, technically, he might be considered an anime character. (Technically. Kinda. Sort-of.)

And anime villains have been long established to have at least a fighting chance at winning out in the end.

And. we’re debating weather or not Galactus could drain the energy from Unicron or not, but what’s to stop Unicron from doing any eating/absorbing in this fight?

What if Unicron ate Galactus?


Sorry, Charlie… I don’t see this big tin can kickin anybody’s ass!

No contest. Galactus in two rounds, if he just ate a big meal and is feeling sluggish.