Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: What's going on?

So the Pentagon has disclosed that three videos recorded by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015 respectively are unknown craft performing aerodynamic manouvers that no existing aircraft, foreign or domestic, is capable of doing.

So what do you think is going on? Dr. J. Allen Hynek started out as a major skeptic, but towards the end of his time on Project Bluebook, was at least partial to the mystery of what was happening.

My own opinion is that I don’t know what to believe, but I find it highly interesting. I tend to go towards the Hynek approach to this, debunk but it is a mystery worth investigating.

Hard to think what is going on without seeing the videos.

A friend sent me this, but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

I’m a profound skeptic, myself. Especially after reading the books by Donald Menzel, Phillip Klass, and Robert Schaefer.

Regarding UFOs that the military takes an interest in, allow me to point out that they were interested mainly because of what our opponents were coming up with. Many of the UFOs reported over the former Soviet Union turned out to be military testing of devices. US Test flights of new aircraft and experiments (not to mention re-entering rocket stages) have demonstrably shown to have caused UFO reports, so my first suspicions when I hear about these is thast it’s really surveillance of possible Russian or Chinese military maneiuvers or testing.

“UFO”, after all, stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”, not “Alien Spacecraft.” A lot of the time, it turns out to be a very terrestrial object flying, albeit maybe not a “common, everyday” sort.

And, as Menzel pointed out in the 1950s, the name itself is misleading. Often the object isn’t flying, and may not even be an object. Sightings of planets and the moon have caused UFO reports. So have reports of intangibles like sundogs, ice crystal haloes, and rainbows.

I seem to recall this coming up here in the past when the videos were first unofficially released. One of the videos was explained away by an insect inside the camera.

Videos can be see on this site.

Pentagon releases videos showing ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ including infamous ‘Tic Tac’ clip

CNN: Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years

The Nimitz Encounters, dramatisation

Which one? Link?

The guys at Skeptical Inquirer did take a look and they were not impressed.

Then, you though that J. Allen Hynek would not be on the menu? It is doubtful that he started as an skeptic.

I don’t remember which of the 3, but I could see it as a possible explanation for any of them. Video in TriPolar’s link above.

I’ve timestamped where the pilot talks about tracking the object and goes through this

These are not “…unknown craft performing aerodynamic manouvers that no existing aircraft, foreign or domestic, is capable of doing.”. What they are is totally unknown. Since no UFO has ever proven to be of alien origin there’s no point to assume we’ve found one here. If no existing aircraft, foreign or domestic, is capable of doing what is seen then they must not be aircraft. Most likely it’s not anything physical moving as fast as it seems in those videos.

I never said they were aircraft. However, you need a reference to provide context, since they were allegedly in the air at the time of recording, the reference to aircraft is apt.

A dismissal that is less impressive.

From the article already cited:

You said they were craft, but then said they couldn’t be aircraft because aircraft couldn’t behave the way they did.

The pilot says the UFO isn’t being detected on radar and assumes it must be using stealth technology. Another reason that radars don’t detect things is because they’re not there.

My interpretation of that is Fravor knows what he saw was something unusual and not easily explained away by either error or malfunction or even a classified military exercise or project. He even mentioned about being teased when he was back on board and how the mood on the ship changed once they realised it wasn’t initially a joke.

What stands out is why have a closed Congressional meeting about something as minor as preventing hazards to air safety.

What??? In the link I provided he goes through in detail about the heat signature when they switched to infrared when tracking the object.

Craft isn’t the same as aircraft. But using them as a vantage point for describing them isn’t the same as saying they are.

But they were initially detected on radar.

Because they might need to discuss the capabilities of foreign and domestic aircraft that need to be kept secret, along with information about our ability to detect and track aircraft, as well as any deficiencies these videos have uncovered.

Another reason is to cover up a secret international intergalactic alien conspiracy.

I’ll go with the first one.

I’d go with the first one however you would have though they would have disclosed a generalised account of something along those lines, they didn’t.

Why would I think that? And why would I think they’d honestly state something was related to secret US technology?

How about constructing a narrative to follow here instead of pointing at random quotes. What do you think is going on and what evidence reinforces that belief that doesn’t have a simple alternate and more likely explanation?

I could ask the same question if it was something other than secret US technology.

What random quotes, you stated they didn’t track it on radar, I provided a citation showing that the fleet did, then you said that the closed hearing about pilot safety is important, and I provided a citation of how the safety was in relation to pilots encountering objects which were not US made or made by any foreign entity.

I think the UAP Fravor encountered was caught out by accident and so the tic tac UFO they tracked distracted the pilots from the larger object they witnessed it hovering around which was underwater. The mulitple pilot witnesses including radar tracking lends credence to that.