Unintentionally amusing movie deaths

The heck with Vader. I thought the Emperor’s death was highly comical - it just seemed a silly way to die, and it came at a point when the entire movie was approaching high camp anyway. The great Empreror Palpatine, rule of the galaxy, had had his plans thwarted by an army of teddy bears and then he ends up dying just like that weaselley assassin guy in “The Untouchables.”

The scene in The Boondock Saints where Willem Defoe is dressed in the hooker costume wandering the mob boss’s house. One of the underlings comes up to him, goes “How much for a twofer?”, then gets shot in the face.

T.E. Lawrence at the beginning of Lawrence of Arabia.

I saw it in the theatre when it was rereleased in '89, and the audience busted up at the shot of the motorcycle goggles dangling from the bush. The sudden contrast from high speed to a full stop with cicadas chirping seemed comic and cartoonish.

The teacher in Final Destination was, pardon the pun, overkill. She reminded me of Wile E. Coyote as all the inanimate objects in creation rained death upon her.

My personal fave was the photographer in the Omen. Don’t know why, but that severed head rolling over the sheet of glass just cracks me up.

Being an avid Brandon Lee (and, yes, Dolph Lundgren) fan I always cracked up at the scene in Showdown in Little Tokyo where a guy gets stuck to a giant fireworks pinwheel and subsequently gets killed when it explodes (I think…haven’t seen it in a long time).

How can it be that I’m the first to mention Denethor’s Swandive from ROTK?

“Oh no! I’m on fire! My only chance for survival is to run off a cliff!”

The other one that comes to mind is the poor butler who gets shot in the face snwering the door in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Was it a hose or a pipe?

In Saving Private Ryan

On the Omaha Beach scene where the soldiers are struggling in the water and drowning when the german bullets rip through them underwater

I realise now it was quite perverse but I couldn’t help but giggle at that scene and quite a few people in the theatre thought I was some psychotic.

Heh. I thought you meant it was a running joke you and your sister did in real life, not while watching TV. And you were occasionally right! I’d be impressed at just once!

My first thought when I saw that scene was “He’ll be back.” Well, everyone else in the movie who fell from a great height came back. Why not Denethor?

Okay, my nomination is Meg Ryan (or was the Melannie Griffith? Still can’t tell the difference) in City of Angels, when she gets hit by the truck after shagging Nick Cage. Almost made watching the rest of the movie worth it. And it was a logging truck, which I am sure the director intended to be significant.

Bond films have amusing baddy deaths.

Dr. No slides down a ladder (pfft!), Goldfinger gets sucked out of an a plane, Blofeld’s clone drowns in mud/gets dropped down a chimney (ha!) and that newspaper bloke in Tommorow Never Dies gets mangled by a bizarre sawing-torpedo contraption.

Doesn’t matter - the scene was amusing anyway.

I think it was more because of the way the scene went than the object that Trinity was impaled on.

“Oh, hi Trin - oh, are you - OUCH, those spines must - oh, you’re alive - wait, no - wait, yes - wait, no - mmmm… - she’s alive, I think she’s going to live, she’s probably going to - no, she’s dead.”

Oh geez, Jackie Brown.

Sam Jackson scamming Chris Tucker into the trunk of his car so he could drive him to an abandoned lot and shoot him.

Would that there were a virtual reality game that allowed us to hold the gun! :smiley:

But Meg is just so darn cute! :mad:

You can’t tell the difference between Meg Ryan and Melanie Griffith? Aside from blondeness, they’re not really all that similar.

The one with the collagen implants is Griffith. The skinny one is Ryan.

You obviously haven’t seen Meg Ryan lately:

Scroll down, she’s pictured twice on the page!!

As far as amusing deaths, I’m going to have to say Deep Blue Sea (this is really a spoiler if you haven’t watched the movie!!!) and Samuel L. Jackson playing the role of shark scooby snack after inspirational speech!)

Eh. I don’t see a huge difference, although the site wants me to. Griffith’s are much, much more obvious.

I always loved the lawyer getting gulped down by the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.
As for Trinity dying, I thought (and most of the audience did as evidenced by the groans and snickers) the length of her death scene was funny.
It went on, and on, and on…
I’m surprised no one shouted out “Would yas just die alreadys!”

You sound like my friend K. We can’t take him anywhere public to watch potentially violent, but serious, movies like Saving Private Ryan or even Schindler’s List.

In the latter, he started chuckling when the Nazis are scouring the ghetto and they machine gun one guy wearing a down jacket and feathers go flying out the back of him.

In the former, he couldn’t stop laughing during the scene where the one soldier is searching for his arm and when another one gets saved by his helmet, so he takes it off to inspect it and gets promptly popped in the noggin.

I fondly remember the ending of Heat which showed

Robert Deniro as a gangster who has just been shot several times by Al Pacino. As he lays dying in the cold, little puffs of air come out of the holes his chest.


I think it was meant to be funny but I’ll also nominate Ivan Chekov’s death in The Boondock Saints. Y’all know what’ I’m talking about… “I hope your conscience is clear, Irishman!” right before…

a big fucking toilet falls right on his head!

The GReat Gatsby, when that one girl gets run over by a car :). My entire english class laughed
Horse death - **The Ring ** as well