Unique cubicle decorating/interior design

Anyone out there do anything interesting & creative in decorating their cubicles? I work in a creative environment and sadly my cube looks no different than our accountant’s cube (minus the stacks of bills). Anyone do anything outside of the ordinary plants, posters & family pictures?

Any sites you know of that have this kind of information? Or do I just hire an interior decorator? :smiley:

Well, I have an action figure of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with stake in hand beside my monitor. She watches my back.

Does that count?

I made my mom a little cross stitch sampler that said “Less thinking - more working” for her cubicle. For my husband, one that said “They’re all against you.”

I use old pierced earrings for stick pins on my bulletin board. Most are from the sixties big and gaudy.

I’ve got a clock that looks like an airplane, and a fairy doll (a gift from a friend) and a bunch of postcards that Shibb sent me from Europe. And on the doors of my overhead cabinet, I’ve taped up pithy sayings that I’ve found on line and elsewhere. Oh yeah - and there’s a big wooden plaque with my 25-years-service certificate mounted on it. Impressive, huh?

My cubicle is pretty boring…

I don’t have a cubicle.

where i work we have lots of nifty fabric, wood, and stone samples to decorate with.

if there is a wraping paper or fabric pattern you like, you can use that as wall paper. action figures are always good. a few fiddling toys like… yo yo, or slinky, or the ball and paddle thing is good. you could get a cheap string of lights. a few beanie babies.

i have a ton of stuff i could send ya. when we moved in jan. i retired everything off my desk. i have 10 years of “stuff” just waiting for a new desk.

I have beanies from Universal Orlando sitting in my overhead book bins - Sneetches (star-bellied & not), Grinch, Horton, Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Grinch - and two beanies from WDW - a Heffalump and Woozle; I also have a beautiful carved Dolphin I got in Captiva; small pewter sting ray and alligator. Plus a model of the Haunted Mansion hearse from WDW. I have an angel ornament my aunt made hanging on my cube wall - it’s a cute little beaded thing that went up for Christmas and never came down.

I also told my boss that I want to put a wall up spanning my cube and the one across the aisle - my friend used to sit there, but she left. Mega-cube!


rocking chair is on the right path with the wallpaper. I should have been a bit more specific in the OP - I’m want to create a total environment, something that looks almost not like a cube. Something that looks totally separate from a corporate environment - like your den would look different from your kitchen, for instance (assuming their both remodeled/finished, unlike my den).

I read in Fast Company magazine (http://www.fastcompany.com/online/38/lookfeel.html) about a company called Xperts, Inc. that actually gives $1,500 to each employee to make the cubicle their own space (they could even hire an interior designer if they wanted!). Some general examples are cited, and one picture is given as an example.

So I’m looking for a motif, an oeuvre. I want something that says “fine art”, or “graphic design” or “creative” or “ecletic, but not weird or snooty.” I’ve taken this as a personal badge of shame that my cube doesn’t look significantly different than anyone elses.

Are there any magazines or web sites that I would find particularly useful? I’ve resorted to watching Trading Spaces on TLC, so you know I’m desperate.

okay, given the words you used (fine art, graphic design) focus in on a painting or design you really like.

for example a tropical island surronded by water. then you go with bamboo shades or placemats on the walls, like a hut. find a nice picture or two that represent your island. add in little desk items in ocean colours and fish shapes. blue and green boxes and bowls to hold office stuff, a couple of those glass fish things to hang about, or even a real betta fish for you to enjoy. get a couple of small palm plants and put them into planters that have fish or shells in them. put a tropical scene on your screensaver and wallpaper. voila! instant design.
the same thinking can go into any thing you want… find that painting, use the colours and theme throughout your cube, you don’t have to put the theme into everything just a few key items. try going to an off price store for the items so you don’t go crazy on budget. you can get nice bowls and boxes and stationary items for a bit of money at target, ross, marshalls, or tj maxx etc.

it will only be weird if you use hay.

The walls of my old cube were made of fabric wrapped around a foam core with a steel frame, so I brought in a bunch of english ivey and trained it to grow up the walls. Christmas tree lights are always good. And I had a rubber bat that I hung from the ceiling by a series of rubber bands so he could be flung into a neighboring cube and would then return right back to me!

The office my group got moved into no longer even HAS cubicles, but my old cube was right next to a great, big window. Our new space is in the bottom levels of the dungeon… err… basement. So, in protest, there is a roughly sketched (in black pen on white copier paper) window, complete with tree and sun with smiley face.