Universal mail-in ballots

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be your same local people who are doing it now. They’re managing your absentee ballots now, aren’t they? They’d just have to expand that.

A Federal level requirement to allow mail-in voting wouldn’t require Federal level administration any more than a Federal level requirement to allow women to vote does.

The exact same people who are doing it now. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what is meant by universal mail-in ballots.

Sam, you are proving that mail-in voting is safe with all these cites.

Even these tiny efforts involved a lot of people. They were noticed. They were caught. The system works.

Um, check the logic on that. Almost by definition we are only going to know about te ones who got caught. The cites show that operatives in both parties have attempted to cheat with mail-in ballots. How successful they have been is not clear by looking at the casex where they were caught.

It’s kind of a moot debate anyway. The Democrats’ voting bill appears to ge dead.

Trump doesn’t like mail in voting, ergo Sam doesn’t like it. It’s as simple as that. No evidence either way will make a difference.

I have no idea if Trump likes them or not, and don’t care. But thanks for making it personal again.

I’m interested Sam, since you’re so obsessed with Trump and things American, why don’t you immigrate and become an American? Jus’ curious

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I still get mail for my Dad [dead for 15 years] my Mom ] dead for 4 years] and my brother [dead for 5 years] and as an aside, I worked for the same company my dad worked for, and at one time I did his signature as good as he did, I used to sign paperwork for him [he knew and told me to] so if a ballot showed up for him, I could sign it and nobody would be the wiser [unless the guy counting votes was a friend and knew he was dead of course]

But the ones who get caught were caught trying to illegally cast a very small number of votes. Anyone trying to cast a large amount of votes illegally would be more easily caught.

I would very much like to meet the volunteers who rummage through trash cans searching for discarded mail ballots. They deserve a laurel for their efforts. And a hearty handshake.

The very idea of a large number of people doing this, and achieving any kind of results, is absolutely ludicrous.

Or, as I said earlier:


Perhaps not. But the arguments you are presenting are (pretty much verbatim) those put forth by Trump, his fellow Republicans and the various right-wing media sources that support them. And as already pointed out, these arguments all suddenly materialized right when there was a clear partisan advantage to attack the validity of VBM, something which the right had previously supported without issue up until then. Which ought to, in itself, be a big flashing neon sign indicating that these arguments are utter bullshit.

But if the standard of proof you wish to pursue is that because we have caught some instances of malfeasance, it is sufficiently reasonable to assume that a high enough level of malfeasance is in place to discredit VBM, then we should also consider that, because we have caught instances of implementation of voter ID laws being used to suppress voters in a partisan manner, it is sufficiently reasonable to assume that a high enough level of malfeasance is in place to discredit voter ID laws. After all, we should apply consistent standards across the board here.

For one thing, if at any point in the last 15 years anybody checked the voter rolls against death notices, your father would be unlikely to get a ballot. For another: at the risk of winding up fined and/or in jail, you could possibly influence an election by . . . one vote. Or, I suppose, as many as three, if you not only got but also forged signatures on ballots for your mother and brother; thereby tripling your risk of getting caught on all three, or rather more than tripling since you’re not as good at their signatures.

And bear in mind that if a large number of people did this, it’s highly unlikely they’d all be trying to influence the vote in the same direction and on the same race(s). So a lot of them would cancel each other out.

Also, if a large number of people were trying any particular fraud technique, certainly some of them would screw up in one fashion or another, thereby drawing attention to the situation and increasing the chances of even those who were cleverer about it getting caught.

After my father died, I got tons of his mail for quite awhile. Never got a ballot though. He lived in Washington state. Maybe they don’t forward ballots?

My father died in August of 2016, shortly after he had voted by mail in the primary. One of the tasks I failed to perform was calling the county and having his name removed from the voter rolls. But shortly before the November election, when Mom was sent her mail-in ballot, I was damn impressed when no ballot was sent to Dad. Somebody was doing their job.

I imagine that the registrars of voters have processes in place to compare the voter rolls against the Social Security Death Index or the local newspaper’s death notices or both.

What they probably don’t have is a way of determining who moved out of the town or city which is why people may appear on more than one voter roll.

Depends. Deep red Utah is now a mandatory vote by mail state and Republicans there tend to defend it against accusations that it is vulnerable to fraud.

I’m in CA and we have had no excuse absentee voting since 1978 and I have voted by “mail” in every election since I was of age (on more than one occasion I’ve been lazy about sending it in and have walked it to a polling station on election day that was less than a block away, but that’s only because I had that easy option to be lazy). I wouldn’t do it any other way. The first state to implement no-excuse absentee ballots? Conservative Idaho in 1972, that has voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election since.

Sorry Sam_Stone, but you are way off base on this one.

People not US citizens opining on this thread is like me, stuck in Nebraska, opining about Brexit.