Universita' di Scienze Gastronomiche (Slow Food University)

Does anybody know anything about the Master’s programs at the relatively new Slow Food University,Universita’ di Scienze Gastronomiche?

Theres some info on it at the eGullet Forums

This is kind of weird, but the other day a lady asked me what I enjoyed cooking, and for lack of a better term I told her I lked to cook slow food, something that takes a time.

Thanks, I saw that thread, but I don’t have the paid membership so I can’t follow up with more questions…

That is such a perfect answer to such a frequent and awkward question. I always waffled between classics, comfort, and Thai.

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I know some people around Baltimore that are in a “Slow Food” group. They get together to cook meals, discuss and taste local food products (meat, cheese, vegetables, wine), that kind of stuff.

google slow food movement for lots of info.

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