Unlike MLK Jr, my dream involved a celebrity sex slave

I’d like to point out that this entire dream occured in observer mode. I had no role in the mutilation, drugging, or mind controlling of the celebrity noted below. I would also like to point out that I have no desire to bring the acts of this dream into reality, so the celebrity can rest easy. If he (yes, he) were to be attacked, put into a drug induced slave environment, and then turned into a wanton sex robot it will not be by my doing, nor the doing of anyone I know. Probably.

The dream started like a normal one, although like most dream there were some things that just weren’t quite like real life. Mostly stuff you could overlook. It started where it felt like I was watching a skit on Saturday Night Live, hosted by Alec Baldwin. Why Alec? I have no idea. I don’t necessarily like him, I basically have no opinion of the man. He is utterly unremarkable in my mind, sort of the white bread of the celebrity circuit. Anyway, back to the dream. It was certainly supposed to be a comedic piece because I remember laughing. All of a sudden the scene stopped and he walked off-stage. There, he was greeted by a glowering, sweaty little man that clearly mad Alec uncomfortable. He tried to be a tough guy at first, but the little guy just stared at him in the off-putting way that little sweaty men can. All of a sudden, he slashed Alec across the face twice with a playing card. Alec went down in a heap of blood and bewilderment.

The dream then suddenly shifted to Sweaty Man’s basement (all cinder blocky and dank of course). Alec was roughly stitched and chained up. I, still in my observer role, watched as a collage of shots went by where Alec was repeatedly injected with a clear fluid, turning him away from normal human Alec to willing to do anything Alec.

Thankfully, I don’t remember the next section, but the dream then clearly ended with a voiceover by Officer Joe Friday saying “Alec Baldwin had been forced to do things no man ever should. He was used up, torn up, and spit out like a piece of garbage. But, the little sweaty man had his fun, turned a beloved Hollywood icon into nothing more than a blabbering receptacle of torture and evil, and then disappreared as quickly as he had appeared.”

I don’t want to even think of what the heck that dream means.