Unlikely inspiration for poems - top 40 songs

Late last night, while being kept awake by the new neighbors’ blaring stereo, I surprised myself by composing a couple of poems. The basis of these poems was top 40 oldies songs. See if you can guess which popular song inspired each of these poems:

  1. Bootless my resistance be
    To age-bought power – eternally.

  2. Nor foot nor eye from this day stir
    Without incurring my censure.

    Bed forsaken, self neglected,
    Shadows sought - for you’re expected.

    My vision’s curse and heart’s obsession,
    Unconsciously in my posession.

  3. Foreseen apocalypse is here
    Devouring all that we held dear
    Yet truly, was it on this date
    Foretold that we should meet our fate?
    Two thousand trips around the sun
    Have come to this - our journey’s done.

#1 These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra

Number one is Forever Young by some Germans in the '80s. I forget their name.

…or maybe it was These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra.

Hey gex gex that was my anwser! Great minds think alike<g>

Good guesses - but poem #1 was inspired by:

I fight authority
Authority always wins

“Bootless” being an old-fashioned way of saying “futile”, but the word “futile” would have made it sound too Borg-ish.