Unlock code for A Verizon LG VX 11000?

My 25 year old daughter manged to mangle the charging port on her Verizon LG VX 10000 several months ago and has been using an even older Motorola Razr in the interim which she hates. I ran across a pretty beat up, but seemingly working Verizon LG VX 11000 in the Staples battery throwaway bin which I would like to activate as her replacement phone. Before you ask why this old warhorse of a phone is being used, she’s destroyed several expensive smart phones through carelessness, and the daddy tree is fresh out of new phones at this point.

The user of the LG VX11000 who tossed it put a 4 digit lock code on the phone so although it charges access to the phone for setup with a new number is not possible. Is there some magic to get this phone’s code or is it pretty much locked up tight?

What the H? Just tell her to get her own damned phone.


She’s 25 years old, let her be responsible for her own damn self phone.

Are these your ideas of factual answers to a question requesting a factual reply? Great work for GQ here guys.

OP: Try powering the phone off, hold the volume up and send buttons while powering the phone on… this should do a hard reset on the phone.

HTH, unlike the previous 2 opinionated yet unhelpful posters. :rolleyes:

I appreciate the suggestion, I tried it but the phone is still locked up tight. In googling further it appears the non-SIM card CDMA Verizon phones lock password cannot be reset without factory or service center level equipment.

If the batteries are compatible I suppose she could use this locked one as a battery charging cradle and use the charged battery in the working vx10000 with the damaged charging port.

Thanks again for the suggestion!