Unnatural colored hair on children

Some people think it’s cute. Some people think it’s a sign of parental incompetence. I used to live in VT, a state well known for it’s liberal leanings. More than once i saw little kids with hair of various fruit colors; purple and so fourth. I now live in MI where the social climate is much less tolerant of uncommon form of expression.

My daughter, who is now 4, has seen a few people with hair colored raspberry, purple, pink and a few other colors that she likes. She took to the idea of having purple colored hair, and I thought she would knock people out with her cuteness if she had grape colored hair. As she is not in school (one place where I’m sure purple hair would be seen as pure evil), I didn’t see a problem with fulfilling her wish. I had no plans to bleach her hair, just add some punky color for highlights. But my daughter’s mom, a Michigan native, assured me that if we did that, CPS would be notified, and our daughter taken away to save her from the perils of purple.
This was very confusing to me because purple has not been shown to cause harm to humans unless you are allergic to the coloring agents of purple food or something.
Nonetheless i was warned, and although mom would surely find fruit colored hair charming she fears the wrath of our community would result in our little angel being stolen from us.

So, my question is: Is it true that if you allow your child to have unnatural colored hair, will that be grounds for CPS intervention here in MI?

Have you asked the relevant state agencies? It’s so specific a question that it’s hardly likely that anyone here has come across that exact situation in your state.

That said, I’d be stunned if colouring your kid’s hair attracted an intervention in any state. My guess is your ex is simply having a go at you. Ask her to prove it is so.

In the meantime, give your kid colored clip-on extensions.


Many schools often have a rule in the district code of conduct about “no unnatural hair colors” so purple wouldn’t fly if she were in school, but goth black or platinum white streaks or anything wildly unnatural looking but still in the range of possible human hair colors is okay.

Granted, I live in a metro area that’s more liberal than most of the rest of the state, but I’ve never even heard of anyone getting chuff from CPS for something as silly as hair color.

Oh squee … I would have loved these when I was little! I think I am going to order myself some :smiley:

nah, not to worry, that is unless you’re in a very small churchy town where some busybody might want to jump to conclusions. You may find people pointing fingers, especially other kids who will then pester their parents for purple hair.

Is it a wash out temporary color or will you be going to the salon for permanent highlights?

Where in Michigan? My mother worked for CPS in Wayne county (includes Detroit), and they wouldn’t have the time or inclination to get involved over something as trivial as that. I now live in Ann Arbor, but it’s so liberal around here, no one’s going to care either.

Some smaller, more rural area? I’m still not seeing it. CPS is a State agency, and they aren’t rolling in money here that they can waste on bullshit complaints like this would be.

I think we all know CPS won’t get called over a little purple hair…
Anyways, like you said, just dye it with punky colors and if memory serves, that washes out in about two weeks. Otherwise look around for ‘hair mascara’ you brush it on with a giant mascara brush (you normally just use it to make streaks) and it washes out the first time you wash your hair.
Apparently also called streakers