Blue ? Why ?

My son is dying his hair blue. I don’t understand why . Why blue ? Why dye his hair at all ? When I was a teenager guys got an ear pierced, maybe got a tattoo , but they didn’t dye their hair.

Is this the new way to freak out your parents ?

For him this is not a one step process, first he had to bleach his hair blonde, (his hair is brown), in a couple of days he is going to put the blue stuff in.

This makes me nuts ! Yes there are much worse things he can do, and yes he is over 18, but come on , BLUE !

Somebody help me understand.

:: walks over to rocking hair, sits down begins to rock, and says :: Kids today ! I am getting old.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
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Ayesha: Looka t it this way.

You have your hubby’s name on a certain body part.

He had to be extra-creative to drive ya crazy. :slight_smile:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Your bio doesn’t say how old you are, but when I was a teenager (I’m 29 now), all of my friends were dyeing their hair, just to shock their parents. Most of them did the simpler things, like streaking brown hair blonde or going from brown to black. I spent the better part of my teenage years as a platinum blonde, even though my natural hair color is light brown. It has only been in the last four years or so that I finally stopped bleaching my hair out and have pretty much let it go natural, although I did get it dyed red earlier this year, just for something new. Nobody told me that red fades really quickly.

Now, as for why he’s dyeing it blue, maybe it’s just for rebellion’s sake. But, if you think about it, he’s the one who is going to be walking around looking like a smurf. Don’t be embarrassed by it yourself. If anybody says anything to you about, tell them to MYOB. It’s his head, if he wants to look funny, that’s his business. Of course, if my kid did something like this…

“We are what we pretend to be.”

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Wachoo been feedin’ that child, Lioness/Ayesha/Debs/Mrs. The Lion?

Seems to me a crew cut’s in order there!

Shadowfox,and Sealemon,
Um, I’m 41. I know it is harder for a kid to freak out parents who were freaks in the 70’s and 80’s. But Blue !

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

His hair is already almost in a crew cut, he keeps it short, maybe the fact that T. Lion’s hair is past his shoulder blades is the reason for that. I don’t know, when your parents are old hippy, biker, looking types it take more to freak us out ?

As to what I feed the kid, hmm, anything that doesn’t eat him first is his favorite dish.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Ayesha, so what? Look at adult women they color their hair all the time. So what if a kid wants to mimic his folks?

At least he isn’t wearing the suit and tie and punching the corporate time clock… that’d really depress us old hippie types.

But Handy, I have never dyed my hair blue.
Ok recently I did dye it a darker brown, but that was because I was tired of all the grey.

And he’s a he.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Don’t worry about it. I had a friend who’d regularly change hair colors, generally it was multicolored–red, green, blue, blonde, brown.

When she dyed it all brown, she got a lot of, “Aw, why’d you do that?” Turned out it had to be one color for work…but it was her “thing” to have rainbow hair. And she did it because she thought it was pretty–not out of any sort of rebellion.

And it’s still one color now, so…

And, like you said, there are definitely worse things to do for attention or to rebel.

And remember: with hair, everything grows out. It’s one of the least permanent mediums of rebellion. :slight_smile:

Question authority–just not mine.

That’s what I was trying to say, In my usual obtuse manner. It’s not like him getting a tattoo of his girlfriend on his chest would really offend you, right? :wink:

I’ve seen worse than just blue hair. Be happy he doesn’t have a spiked mohawk two feet high (yes, there are still some people who do that), or have a checkerboard pattern shaved into his head, or have tatos across his forehead, or have enough metal piercings to look like a bait shop.

It could always be worse.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Well, he does want to get his tongue pierced.
Gross !

And I wouldn’t want him to get a tattoo !

I am a parent, darn it. He should do as I say not as I did ! ;). Yeah, right !

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Hee hee - Do I have experience with this!!!

My daughter is someone that I cannot describe well enough for you to really get the big picture. She is the most compassionate, accepting, and creative person that I have ever known - ever. She has a very happy, bubbly personality and is the type of person who will light up a room just by walking in. I swear, this girl will one day become a famous comedian. She is never NOT smiling.

She is gorgeous! Sparkling, sky blue eyes; clear, china doll skin (no zits - AT ALL); naturally pink lips; and beautiful hair.

She has always been this way.

You can understand the shock I felt when I came home from work one day and found that she had gone completely goth (she was half-way through 7th grade). Her long shiny hair was now dyed pitch black, white face makeup, black lipstick, she was wearing the goth clothing (long black ragged hemmed dress; ripped fishnets; torn black lace gloves without fingers; etc. . . ). She had also dyed her contacts hot pink (they were clear to begin with).

I left the room, counted to 20 (or maybe it was 200000), and then sat down and talked to her. She wasn’t possessed by satan and she wasn’t into drugs or devil worshiping, she had simply become friends with some of the goths at school (she has good friends from every school cliche) and liked the look so they gave her a make-over.

I got to know these goth kids really well and even though they looked very bizarre, they were (and still are) great kids.

For the next two years her looks went from goth to punk. Her hair went from waist length to spiked to partially shaved and changed from blue, purple, green, orange, white, pink, to yellow. The weird clothes (you think goth is strange) - the whole nine yards.

Then after punk, she got into the anarchy thing. Shaved her head (I had a problem with this one - for a second), wore the scarfs and the t-shirts that make political statements, got involved with PETA (she still is) and other organizations, and got involved with government issues.

All of this in the span of 4 years.

Some people would disagree with my methods - that’s fine, let them raise their kids and I’ll raise mine. My daughter gets good grades, never got into any trouble, doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, was responsible, her attitude is wonderful (how many other teenagers do you know who will hold hand, hug, and kiss her mom and brothers and say “I love you” in public?!?! The person she is never changed. Hair color and clothing are not permanent.

I know my daughter. She is passionate in everything that it important to her. Had I forbid her from doing these things, I think that she would be less the person that she is today. I know that our relationship would be strained and she may have rebelled and gotten into the drinking, drugs, and other trouble. Being there with her as she went through these phases was the best thing I could have done for the both of us. She respects me for letting her test the waters.

She is now 16 years old. She looks “normal”, whatever that is. Her contacts are clear (she has the eye-color people pay to have their contacts tinted), her hair is blonde and a cute style, her clothing is what you would see other teens wear.

She still goes to the concerts (doesn’t do the mosh pit anymore - THANK GOD), still has good friends of all types, and wants her eyebrow peirced as one of her Christmas presents.

My advice to you, is to let him experiment. More than likely, he’ll get it out of his system and sooner or later turn back into your son :smiley:

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

My husband is a musician. He doesn’t look or dress funny, but he does have long hair, and a musician’s relatively relaxed attitude towards stuff.

Our running joke is that our children are going to rebel by becoming accountants.

Thank you, I feel better now, (I think)
I would not have delt with it as well as you did ! If you had thrown a fit , it may have created a wedge between you and your daughter. I give you a thumbs up.

Thats pretty much how T. Lion and I are , kinda laid back about most things.
Son plays Tuba (in school) and Bass elsewhere.

Son’s girlfriend just called. She says she is going to kill him because she told him she would if he did that ! I insisted she not kill him dead, just hurt him alot, as I want him to live to have children to drive him crazy.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Uh, Ayesha? I know you haven’t been living in a bomb shelter for the last 20 years. How did you miss the hair-dying fad? How the heck did you not know that it’s common in certain subcultures and spills over into the mainstream every once in a while? I thought this was common knowledge.

Also, you’ve done all kinds of freaky wild stuff in your life. (Remember your purity score?) He dyed his hair blue? That’s mild! I think the reason you are shocked because he’s your son, and you’re his mommy.

BTW, I’m not antagonizing you in any way. (Just thought I’d mention that to avoid an ass-whuppin’ in the case of a misunderstanding. )

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Blue hair’s not permament, so I wouldn’t worry too much. It’ll probably last longer if you complain about it (words of wisdom from a teen.)

{{Son plays Tuba (in school) and Bass elsewhere.}} Ayesha

He’s a tubist? He’s gotta be a great guy.

{{She had also dyed her contacts hot pink (they were clear to begin with).}} Diane

Some of my friends starting doing this recently. . . they’d mix a couple of drops of food coloring in with the saline stuff when they put away the lenses at night. On people with dark eyes, it just made their irises black with a thin ring of color outside. (This is one reason I haven’t tried it- my eyes are dark brown to begin with, and I couldn’t get the effect I want.) Some of them said it tinted their vision, so I suppose that could suck too. Anyone know if using food coloring to dye lenses is safe?

This flow of styles in 4 years (Diane’s kid) does indicate some lack of credibility. I remember rebelling, but we just stuck to the same theme for numerous years.

Here’s a challenge: Think of a fad for 10, 20 years from now. Something nobody can remember doing.

Blue hair?

When he could be a NeoNazi or in a crack-dealing gang or planning to blow up the school?

You worry about blue hair? Sheesh.

I agree, no big whoop when you consider what it could be. If you really really hate it you could always try something along the lines of: “Oh, that looks so cute! I remember when I was about your age and I dyed my hair blue!” Heh, heh, heh. They hate that!