Unpacking Web archives on Mac?

This is half question and half Pit. But I’d rather get an answer than vent my wrath, so i’m putting in GQ.

I offered to help a friend move a web site because the original maintainer was getting increasingly hard to contact. So I went into Internet Explorer on my Mac, saved the website as an archive and forgot about it for a while. Meanwhile, the original web site ceased to exist. No problem because I have it archived, right?

Well, in order to rehost the web site, I need to unpack it from Microsoft’s proprietary archive format. Should be easy as they have a utility to do this in Office 2000. So I moved the archive from my Mac to my PC and tried unpacking it. Uh, oh, bad news. The web archive format from the Mac, for no good reason, is different than the one on the PC. (This is the Pit part – what the heck were the implementors thinking when they did that?)

So, question: how do I unpack a web archive saved using IE on a Mac? Alternatively, how can I transfer the web archive to a PC format so I can unpack it there?


Wouldn’t it have been easier to open an FTP window and drag-copy the whole site to hard drive?

Yeah, I know, that’s not of much help now. Does the same copy of Internet Explorer that you used to create this “web archive” thingie have the capability of unpacking it? Have you deleted Internet Explorer from the Mac since then?