Netscape 7 help wanted!

I just DL’ed Netscape 7.02, which shouldn’t be all that different from 7.01, the previous version, at least not in the question I’m asking.

How do I make backup copies of my e-mail downloaded through the Netscape mail reader, and of my bookmarks, yet still retain them for use in my browser? Do I just have to cut and paste, or is there a file I can just backup, like in olden days? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Your email should be in a folder under \Windows\Application Data. You can export your bookmark from the manager, though that should also be in the same folder.

Ooops, should’ve mentioned the most important thing: I’m on a Mac. :slight_smile: I’m working with the OS9 version at the moment. begs for assistance from fellow Mac users

Bah. :stuck_out_tongue: