Netscape question: Moving e-mail to a different computer

I’m building a new computer for a friend of mine who uses Netscape (both for a browse and for e-mail). She has a lot of pics and other attachments in her e-mail that she’d like to keep. I, unfortunately, am almost completely unfamiliar with Netscape.
Can someone help me with a procedure for copying her e-mail from her old PC to her new one ?

Assuming you’re talking about Netscape 6.x or 7.x, it’s the same as for the Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Thunderbird. Two easiest ways:

  1. Follow these instructions. It’s crucial that the profile folder gets put on the new computer in EXACTLY the same location as it was on the old computer. (This means the Windows user account has to be the same, as does the computer’s boot drive. Otherwise, forget it.)

  2. Get this nifty utility. Though it’s discontinued, it ought to still work fine for Netscape.

Either way will bring over everything – account settings, preferences, mail, bookmarks, etc.

Thank you, lostinspace!

I’ve been trying to find some process for this for two days now.

No problem. Actually, there’s one more easy way if you want to bring over just the mail: set up the acccount(s) on Netscape on the new computer, then copy the mbox files from the profile folder on the old computer and plop them into the corresponding location on the new computer. That will work even if the boot drive etc. has changed.

Good luck. I’m sure you’ll find it easy enough once you see how the profile folder is organized.