Unreal Engine is now free to developers until they have earned $1 million from a given product

Epic Games has announced that Unreal Engine will have no license fees and no royalties until something made with their product earns $1 million (not sure how it plays out after that).

Hate on Epic all you want…this is actually a really generous license agreement.

It makes sense too. Get budding game developers to all jump on learning Unreal Engine and they will naturally want to use it down the line as they move into bigger and bigger jobs.

And its not bad either. The Unreal 5 demo running on a PS5 was pretty mind blowing. Both for what the new engine can do and that it does it so well on a console (albeit a next gen console).

I realize that one game engine is not right for all purposes. Still, maybe this will encourage other gem engine developers to follow suit.

Unreal engine 4 was free as well. Though the royalty-free earning cap was a lot lower.

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wow that’s cool but a few years too late for the people that made too human and the last Xmen game that is ok-ish (i own both and keeping them as collector’s items lol)

although steams not gonna be happy because of all the crap that’s gonna be on it’s you can play the game tho its unfinished" page

and you’d be surprised something like 40 percent of the games run on some variant of the unreal engine …

40% of what games? I’d expect that with all the indie developers out there nowadays, that the majority of games are still sprite-based. In fact, on thinking about it, I think that 7 of the last 10 games I played regularly were sprite-based.

Oh, wow, I remember playing the “Unreal” and “Unreal Tournament” computer games when I was a teenager!

I think you mean Unity. It’s super dominant in the mobile and VR markets.

That’s both Epic and Unreal.