Unreal Tournament Problem.

My buddies and I have the same version uf UT, and all of the same patches and mods installed, but there is a bit of a problem:

I host online games, having the fastest connection and system. When friends connect to me, certain things are not visible to them, yet still in the game for them to interract with.

For example, Relics. THey show on my screen, but on their screens, they cannot see them. They still can pick up and make use of them, but it’s only by accident that they get them.

Another example: In the new patch, there seems to be a new Mutator called Volatile Ammo, that makes the ammo packs blow up when shot. When enabled, they can pick up and blow up the ammo, but they cannot see the ammo until it is exploding.

Does anyone have any idea why these problems exist in my hosted games? If they host, I can see it on their systems. WHy not mine?

What kind of pings are your clients getting when they connect to your server? If the pings are 500 or greater, you might have the MaxPlayers and MaxClientRates too high. Also, if you’re using Win2K there is an issue called the “Creeping Ping Bug”, which causes all your clients pings to get progressively higher.

There also links at bottom of the page that may help.