Unrelated realizations create new irritation

Well, not quite irritation, more like curiosity. Watching some of Qi series 4, I learned that men and women differ physiologically regarding at what temperature the capillaries reduce blood flow to the extremities. IIRC, men can handle an average of 3 degrees F lower than women. This got lodged in my head, as I am quite a warm person, to the point where I have a hard time sleeping next to someone else.

Today, I turned on the TV and zapped around a bit. I came upon the end of an episode of Boston Legal, where James Spader was dancing with some random woman.

She was in a long dress, with bare arms and shoulder, and he was in a full suit. Stupid rules of fashion that dictate that the half of the species more tolerant of cold has to wear more than the other half! Well, I for one have had it! On the next occasion where I would be required to wear a suit or other silly multi-layered apparel, I shall simply refuse. A wifebeater should suffice, I say.

Who’s with me?