Unreliable Amazon Sellers

I usually have good results ordering music CDs from third-party Amazon sellers, but I’ve been getting a lot of over-graded condition CDs lately. One seller listed the CD as brand new, but it arrived with no shrinkwrap or seal and wear to the digipak Elvis Costello jewel case. I ordered a Phish live 4CD set from a seller who listed it as very good, but the CDs were encased in sticky residue, so I returned it for a refund and ordered from another seller. I just received the CDs from the other seller who also listed as very good, and they’re encased in sticky residue too, plus missing the jewel case. I ordered another Phish live set on Amazon a couple years ago that was even more encased in sticky gue.

Do all Phish fans deposit sticky substances on their CDs while they’re taking bong hits or what? And can these Amazon sellers not take a cursory look at the CDs before listing them as new or very good when they’re acceptable at best? The trips to the post office and messages to sellers are burning me out. How do these sellers expect the buyer not to ask for a refund? They must not even look before grading. The sellers’ feedback is around average, 97-99%. Do I need to send a message before buying such as “by very good, do you mean the CDs are scratched up and covered with gue?” or “by brand new, do you mean that the CD has been opened and played but has no scratches on the playing surface, just moderate wear to the case?”

I have purchased books, CDs, downloaded songs, etc from Amazon down through the years and have only once had a problem.

It was an expensive $95 reference that appeared to get lost in the mail. THis seller didn’t offer UPS or Fedex delivery, and when I let the seller know about it, they sent me a snotty email saying it was my fault. My credit card company disagreed.

Shouldn’t even have to go to your credit card company - Amazon.com has your back just like with their own orders, if you file an “A-to-Z” complaint. You would have won a no-tracking missing delivery no problem. For a condition problem where “new” (not “like new” or “excellent” but used) was not new, contacting the seller first and threatening to file an A-to-Z probably will get you some kind of credit.

This is why Amazon is my first choice.

No BS. Just a refund or else!

I’ve never had a book or CD issue with Amazon sellers…in particular, used books I’ve purchased from different sellers are in the same condition as listed on the site. The only problem I’ve had so far was with some lip gloss I ordered (the product was being discontinued, and my local stores were sold out). One of the tubes arrived out of the package, and had clearly been used; I’m guessing it was a store sample. I was able to get my money back.

Your idea about questioning the sellers might work. At the least, it will alert them that you’re a discriminating shopper and that they’re risking negative feedback if the condition isn’t as advertised.

I used to sell at Amazon. I had a book for sale that was in mint condition, in my opinion. Purchased new, first edition, read once (gently), no physical defects, good price. An interested seller asked me if the book came from a non-smoking environment. I had to tell him no and he passed on the purchase. I couldn’t blame him. I didn’t smell smoke on the book but smokers never do. It made me wonder if I’d been selling stinky books. All my ratings were 5 stars, but maybe my customers were also smokers. :slight_smile:

When I buy used, I stay with sellers with 97%-100% positive feedback and lots of sales, and I won’t buy if the item has a “generic” description – “may have highlighting, standard used condition”, etc.