Unsexy words


It actually does have another name, seitan, which I think sounds quite a bit better.

I’ll add detritus to the list.

Margaret Thatcher Naked on a Cold Day





Manure (in spite of what George Costanza thinks)



These words are all tinny.

For those of you who posted “moist” and those who may in the future, are you women? The reason I ask is that some time ago a similar thread was started an everyone who hated “moist” was a woman. Please explain why the word “moist” is such a turn off, if you’ve been able to make it to the end of this post, that is. BWHAHAHAHAHAH! :slight_smile:

From Anatomy of a Murder:

[Judge Weaver has stopped the testimony by Detective Sergeant James Durgo, State Police, and called the lawyers to his bench]

Judge Weaver: Mr. Biegler, you finally got your rape into the case, and I think all the details should now be made clear to the jury. What exactly was the undergarment just referred to?

Paul Biegler: Panties, Your Honor.

Judge Weaver: Do you expect this subject to come up again?

Paul Biegler: Yes, Sir.

Judge Weaver: There’s a certain light connotation attached to the word “panties.” Can we find another name for them?

Mitch Lodwick: I never heard my wife call 'em anything else.

Judge Weaver: Mr. Biegler?

Paul Biegler: I’m a bachelor, Your Honor.

Judge Weaver: That’s a great help. Mr. Dancer?

Claude Dancer: When I was overseas during the war, Your Honor, I learned a French word. I’m afraid that might be slightly suggestive.

Judge Weaver: Most French words are.

I second the request for an explanation. I never heard of anyone objecting to the word “moist” until Dead Like Me, and now I find there are a bunch of women out their with their panties in a bunch about it…

I only put it that way because of my “panties” post, above.

I am a man and I opened the thread to post “moist”. It just sounds dank and pigs make a single vowel sound with “oi” in it. I like the word panties though.

Ointment is a gross, innocent word in the same category.