Unsexy words

Gimme some words that have nothing to do with anything sexual or gross that for some reason turn you off or turn your stomach.

Blurb. It sounds like it should mean protruding, infected fat rolls or something. Sure, it just means a short paragraph but it sounds so disgusting. If someone says it, I’m immediately mentally nauseated.

Gob. Sounds like someone is choking and gagging on something stuck in their throat. It just seems like if I encountered a “gob” or was “gobbed”, it’d induce vomiting quickly.

“Gluten”. It’s the plant protein that my friend cooks. It can be made to be quite tasty, too. But I’ve been saying for years that it needs a better name: “gluten” sounds like something they’d clean out of your arteries.

Ironically many words associated with sex are remarkably unsexy…







‘lieu’ is a sexy word. “In lieu of a better answer”



Not the things themselves, mind you, just the words. So ugly.





Yogurt. It sounds like vomitting. Whish is also a not-nice word.

Scrod. It’s a fish that sounds like a venereal disease!


How about “pulchritude”? It sounds like it should be a description of a really bad wound, or something. “How’s the patient doing?” “Not well… His wounds are getting pulchritudinous.”

Scrotum. I know the OP wanted non-sexual words, but to me, scrotum is the unsexiest word in the English language. My boyfriend has advance notice that, should he be foolish enough to utter that word whilst engaging in sexual activity with me, all such activity will come to an immediate halt.

‘Intransigent’- It sounds so pointy-sharp and painful.
‘Smegma’- Eew.

I disagree about ‘gob’. “Honey, you still have a gob of jizz on your forehead”. See? Very sexy.



Seconding moist. (shudder)

Panties. I feel stupid every time I say it. So I just say it really creepy and slow with a really pronounced lisp, like Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy. I prefer to say “underpants.”

Also vulva, pork, and semen.


Cunctator** (My apologies to the Doper of that name, but I don’r care for the sound of it)





Succulent. Protrusion. Dipthong.

Umm, I think this violates both of the OPs conditions (“Gimme some words that have nothing to do with anything sexual or gross”) at once…

Must it be a single word? On an episode of Frasier, Frasier got a randy Niles out of the “mood” in about 3 seconds flat by uttering:

“Grandma in a teddy”

Yes, it must be a single word. It also has to be NONSEXUAL and NOT GROSS in meaning. The meaning of the word can’t have anything to do with it. Bonus points for “pulchritude” and “yogurt” for being very positive, yummy things.


‘W’ that is.