What's the grossest word in the English language? (TMI, TMI, TMI)

My vote would be “bloodfart.”

What’s yours?

You’re allowed to make compound words.

Anna Nicole Smith



Cheers, Bippy



I hate the word “slut” - it is one word which really bothers me, especially with its coming into common speech

This is the worst one. The absolute worst. I don’t even like looking at it.

** Cunt. **

… it’s just awful. Don’t make me type it again. I hate people who use this word.

As far as words that summon disgusting images, however, a pretty bad one is probably fetus. I have no idea why.


And I don’t really intend to argue, but saying the word cunt does have a certain hardness and speed in the mouth that make it go hand in hand with anger, like all satisfying curses. It’s just what the meaning has become (and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the word’s awfulness) that makes it unacceptable even in invective.


No, 144 ^ 144. That’s grossest.

144 ^ 144?

I don’t get it.

Anyway, Trucido, yeah, I agree. If you’re really pissed and you’re screaming at somebody the word does come out well.

Definitely CUNT

Many people are also offended by the N-word, which I won’t even type because you never know what the reprocussions of that may be.

Moving to real words,

I’ll agree with cunt being real bad. Why isn’t there a pleasant word for the femail sex organs? (cunny is maybe the nicest I know)

Propper nouns, what about
I have nothing against the town, but the towns name itself is just gross

Main Entry: gross
Function: noun
: an aggregate of 12 dozen things <a gross of pencils>



I remember Wayne & Garth said no-one knew what it was, just that it was the most disgusting substance in the entire universe…

And is what lno typed actually 144[sup]144[/sup]…? 'Coz I guess that would be pretty gross…

O-o-o-hhhh… I see. Hey! That’s funny! I ought to use that one at some point.

Another gross word: dingleberry. Look it up on www.dictionary.com. ICK.

For some reason the word fester really gets to me. Every time I hear it I get visions of bloody boils exploding and pouring out pus like lava from St. Helens.

Spleencakes with Bowelsyrup?

Heh, sounds like my cooking.

Is meecrab an English word?