Unsolved History: Death in Dealey Plaza

Let the record show I’m going to 100% agree with Clothahump here. Oswald could have thrown the damn bullet and hit Kennedy. It is amazing how close the corner of the Book Depository was to the street.

No – Nixon is a more likely plotter.

Lotsa people who were in Nixon’s way got assassinated about then: JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy.

And Nixon just happened to be in Dallas that day in November.
But really, the evidence is clear – Oswald did it, alone.

Nixon was just a patsy.

The man who’s really been running the country for the last fifty years? George Herbert Walker Bush.

His CIA contacts go a lot deeper than he’s admitted. He claims he never worked for the Company before 1976. But why do FBI records show a “George Bush of the CIA” met with Herbert Hoover on November 22, 1963? Why were the two ships that landed Cubans at the Bay of Pigs named the Barbara and the Houston?

Who was behind Agnew’s resignation in 1973? Congressional Republicans recommended to Nixon that he name Bush as Vice President. Nixon refused - and was himself forced to resign.

Bush was an early front runner for the Presidential nomination in 1980. Then Reagan surged ahead. Bush accepted the Vice Presidency. Then two months into Reagan’s presidency he was shot and almost killed by John Hinckley - the Hinckleys and the Bushes were such close family friends that John’s brother was having lunch with Bush’s son when Reagan was shot.