Unsolved History: Death in Dealey Plaza

This ep of *“Unsolved History” airs this evening on some **Cable/Satellite providers. It’s worth a look see because it compiles just about all known footage of JFK’s motorcade route around Dealey Plaza, and talks to some of the witnesses. Kinda interesting how in the various photos and footage they are able to id the other photographers who were there that day.

It’s also interesting how every photographer just missed photographing some image or piece of evidence that would have put to rest some of the conspiracy ideas early on.

No new information, but it was the first time I had ever seen all the motorcade footage analyzed in order.

*I personally would hardly call the JFK assassination “unsolved,” but that’s just the name of the program.
**On my system, it’s on The Military Channel, for whatever reason.

I doubt it. If the camera had been moved two feet to the right then the crucial image would have been two feet to the left. And if the camera had been moved to the left, the crucial image would have been off ot the right. No matter what was photographed, there would be theories about what was just out of camera range.

Hmmm… The Grassy Peripheral Knoll?

Still and will always think this was a conspiracy. Too much evidence points to more than one shooter.

Ah! Then we’ll have to agree to disagree on what “evidence” means. :frowning:

I think the ricochet from your shot even hit the poster ahead of him!

I always thought there was an outside chance of a conspiracy until I visited the Sixth Floor Museum and saw the view from the sniper’s nest. Well, actually, it’s from the window about 10 feet over from where Oswald was located, but it shows what a perfect site he had. As I’ve said before: my grandmother could have made that shot.

But…if there were to be a conspiracy of any kind, I’d be far more willing to believe that LBJ was behind it than anything else.

Really, Clothahump? More than the Russians, Cubans, Algerians, Beatnicks, The Beatles,
Sam in another body from Quantum Leap and the freakin’ MAFIA?


Um…he was the person with the best motive in the world…

Best wishes,

…He wanted to be a huge failure of a president? So bad at it he didn’t even bother to run for re-election? Really?

LBJ. You bet. A heartless crook on a massive scale. The Peter Principle got him when he moved up from #2 to #1.

Yeah, last time I was down there on foot, I walked out to the X in the street and looked back, it wasn’t quite even 100 yards, and it was looking down and the car was moving more or less straight away from him. With a scoped high power rifle, it would have been a total pot-shot for a halfway trained marksman, let alone a qualified Marine.

Like what?


Why would a hearless crook create the Great Society? You’d have to have heart to do that.

“Heartless” might not be the best adjective to use with a guy who did what he did socially. As to the Peter Principle getting him, he sure accomplished quite a bit before his demise.

Yeah… you go with that. LBJ was a crass and cold political operator, balanced only by his utter lack of manners. The entire Great Society was an atempt to buy permanent political favor. It also wound up destroying African-American society, created a permanent underclass, and deeply damaged the budget and the economy. Indeed, even most Liberals wound up neutering the Great Society programs over the years, so that it continues mostly in badly-run programs which hurt at least as much as they help.

Sometimes, we really need a “Jaw Drops” smiley.

Did you really just say LBJ’s policy destroyed African-American society?

'Cause, what, they were better off getting fire-hosed away from school and kept from voting?

I didn’t know there was every any question Oswald shot from there. The question is, did he have the opportunity to shoot multiple times with that rifle? I thought the conspiracy was where (and if) a second shot came from somewhere else.

I found it highly annoying that the show bent over backwards to keep from endorsing any particular point of view. They presented a number of pieces of evidence and drew very few actual conclusions beyond the “if only this picture had been clearer” or “if only Zapruder had kept filming for two more seconds.”

It would have been much more honest if they’d said at the beginning “we have no new information to present and can shed no actual light on the subject, but since we spent all this money on digital reconstructions and nice computer graphics, maybe you’d like to watch anyway.”

That he supported their civil rights, I have no problem with. That he and his policies created a permanent legacy of dire poverty and social collapse, I do. The right to vote is worth very little without a reason to do so. Moreover, the battle was already won. “Bull” Conner lost it. Johnson just rode in to give a speech on it.

Just out of curiousity, what was the conservative timetable on civil rights? If they had been left to address the issue on their own, when would conservatives have felt the time was right for black people to vote? What was the timeframe on being able to go to good schools? Would another hundred years have been long enough or maybe it would have taken two hundred?

Of course there would have been incremental progress along the way. Maybe conservatives planned on celebrating the 150th anniversary of emancipation in the year 2013 by announcing that black people would be allowed to ride the middle seats of the bus.

So there was no need for liberals to be so pushy. You guys would have gotten around to civil rights eventually.