Unsterile Urine?

Medical experts, your attention please. Under what conditions would urine be unsterile?

Infections? Fungal problem? Any other possibilities?

I’m not sure that I understand your question.

By definition, unsterile urine means it contains microorganisms, usually bacteria but sometimes fungi.

As an aside, the presence of bacteria in the urine often does not indicate the presence of infection. One must distinguish between infection and so-called colonization. About 50% of elderly women in nursing homes have bacteria in their urine. This does not mean that 50% of elderly women have urinary tract infections.

Sorry, let me try again. I’ve heard it said, on the SDMB and from a friend or two, that urine is generally considered sterile and safe to consume, etc., for those who must (and hardly any of us must. Under what conditions might urine contain enough microorganisms that one could become infected by being in some kind of contact with it?

You know, it’s really amazing how often this question comes up on the boards.

The first thing to remember is that bacteria live on your skin, including on the inner surface of your urethra, so by the time the urine leaves your body, it is NOT sterile. It’s typically sterile while it’s still in the bladder, though, barring a bladder infection.

Hi Everybody!

I know that in some parts of the world, urine is considered as an aniseptic. There’s a Lebanese proverb that goes “He wouldn’t piss on a wounded finger!” (That’s a person who is so uncaring that he wouldn’t do even the littlest thing to help another person.)
So…maybe it’s better to be pissed-on than pissed-off!!