Untamed and uncut

I’ve been watching Animal Planet’s Untamed and Uncut - Videos of human animal reactions that go very wrong. In about half the instances, the problem occurs because of the stone dumb stuff people do.

“Hey, Einstein. Yeah you, the one who just tried to feed a shark/moray eel/crocodile. What the hell do you think is going to happen when you put your hand in a wild carnivore’s mouth?”

Porn name!

Considering that the iconic “wildlife entertainer” made an illustrious career out of fucking with animals until he was killed by one, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Man, I thought for sure this would be about that TLC Tugger cone thing that always popped up in Google Ads on here.

“Go ahead, blow in his face. He’s really quite tame.”

Money shot!

I agree. I remember watching something on TV recently about a woman who climbed over two fences or something to get closer to a polar bear’s cage to get a better shot, and the polar bear ended up grabbing her and biting her leg.

Next time lady, tie a salmon around your neck or something, put on a splash of “Musk of Sealion”, and try to give it a kiss.

I’d love to see video of this.

The only way that could be made better is if ‘clinging to life’ was somehow attached to the student.

Wasn’t there a Simpsons reference to a show like this. Something like Fast Animals, Slow People.

It was Family Guy and it was called Fast Animals Slow Children.

Yes, thank you for the reminder. Family Guy was rather prophetic, I see.

I don’t really get what is being pitted here - the show? Stupid humans? Panda bears?

(This reminds me of that old joke - you don’t have to be faster than bears when you’re hiking, you just have to be faster than your buddies. :smiley: )

Worse than that, the animal is usually required to be destroyed (for following its instincts). Seems to me that it ought to be rewarded for improving the human gene pool by removing some of the stupid ones.

I like that the park employee who was interviewed at least has some common sense:

And, just this past week, someone climbed into a panda cage in an Asian zoo to “give him a hug, because he is so cuddly.” The panda was not so accomodating, biting the guy on the arms and face. Can’t locate the link, alas.

Although that was a freak accident, doing something that people do all the time. Maybe they shouldn’t, but they do and it normally doesn’t cause trouble. It was a one-in-a-million chance.

Ugh. This reminds me of an incident where some brat climbed into a meerkat enclosure and was promtly attacked. The zoo ended up destroying all the meerkats because the parents didn’t want their kid to go through rabies vaccinations (if I recall correctly).

You do recall correctly. Here’s a link to that story.

Well, that just makes me mad. Here was a great learning opportunity for these parents and their nine-year-old (you stick your hands where they don’t belong, you get needles. Get it?), and instead, they cause the death of animals who weren’t doing anything that you couldn’t expect them to do. Consequence-free parenting! It’s what all the cool kids are doing!

And it doesn’t even make sense! How would killing all the animals after the attack prevent them from having given rabies to the kid during the attack, if they were in fact rabid? Was killing them the only way to test them for rabies?