Unwanted Pets With Time Running Out

That’s great news, Papsett, and a great picture, kapri!

I always read this kind of thread with such trepidation. I made the mistake of reading the recent dog-sitting thread about the Jack Russell terrier and I haven’t been able to stop worrying about that ever since. It’s good to know that there are happy endings.

Yeah, that is one cute fluffy guy! I see his story is also on their death row dogs page. It’s just so heartbreaking to think about all the dogs who have treatable medical problems but don’t get a chance because there just aren’t enough resources to save them all.

I think ethical dog breeders should make it a requirement that anyone who is buying a puppy should spend some time (just a few hours) helping out at an animal shelter to qualify to buy a puppy. It seems like a lot of people don’t understand the seriousness of the homeless animal problem. They figure that it’s ok to dump the dog at a shelter because they assume that surely someone else will want it (even though sick and adult animals often don’t have a great chance of being adopted). Maybe people would be more responsible if they really understood the problem.

Kapri, Jacobson is adorable! I wish they all had happy endings like that!

Oh my gosh, I didn’t see that until you linked it! My poor little guy! (tears . . .) He looks so matted and sad. But you should see him now!

He does have some separation anxiety, though, and I hope we can work through that, because the woman in the next condo complains that he howls at night when I’m not there.:frowning:

I thought it might be appropriate to post this in here. If anybody would like to donate to the Houston SPCA, click on the link in my signature.

I’m participating in a fundraiser walk this Saturday.

I’m so glad the Gordon got adopted! :slight_smile:

:: does Snoopy happy dance::

I’m so happy to hear about Ethan! I’m working in a place (I’m traveling for work at the moment) that isn’t a good dog place and good happy dog news is making my day.

Thanks all! It sure made my day!

The funny thing about it… the gal at the counter seemed as if she thought it would be BAD news for me… I suppose she thought I was there to adopt him, because she kind of cut me off… I had said something like 'I am with the Gordon Setter Club of America and we got notification that you had a possible Gordon named Ethan…"

And sh popped in “oh, I’m sorry, but he was adopted Saturday night…” and went into the whole story. Honestly, I wanted to KISS her! :slight_smile: