Unwanted Pets With Time Running Out


Just Godammit!.

All they ever did wrong was being born, and so many of them are being put to death for only that reason.

“Sorry, boy/girl. There’s just too many of you, and no one wants you, so this is the best we can do. Kill you and hope you find peace.”

Of course that isn’t a direct quote, but it may as well be.

One of our Doper/animal friends wrote me tonight, and she’s in the sad position of having to decide if a dog who’s about to die qualifies for rescue.

He doesn’t, and he’ll be put to sleep because of that today.

I apologize. I try not to use the Dope as a platform for my animal welfare advocacy, but this is the first time one of our friends here as written to me about anything like this, and it’s tearing me up just as it is her.


This post made me think of the essay, How Dare You?

My google-fu fails me though, and I can’t find it.

Any help?

PS: To my friend

I just wanted to say “thank you” for caring enough about this little guy and to write me, and I hope I have provided some measure of comfort.

But… it’s hard to find comfort when you know what’s about to happen and there’s nothing you can do. I hope it helps somewhat to know that all of us here who love animals share in your sadness, and hope someone will adopt this sweet-looking dog and save his life.

I’m right here for you and would like to help and know what happened.

It’s not easy, I know.


Oh shit, I know this may wind up being my second “strike” here, but this is what I’m about, so screw it.

Here’s the dog in question; http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18756881

He’s not a full-blooded Gordon Setter, so that particular rescue organization won’t take him.

I’m sorry, mods, if I have broken countless rules (and I must have), but I just can’t see this happening if it can be prevented.

I’ll take that second strike, it’s okay.



He’s a pretty dog.

I hope he finds someone.


I don’t know why this is (or maybe I do and just won’t admit it), but every time I see one of their faces in a picture such as this, I’m thinking for them: “Hey, what’d I do???”

It would be good to know he’ll have someone with him if the worst has to happen. To brush his coat and offer his or her human face for a lick.

Hell, I know we can’t save them all, but if enough of us cared maybe so many of them wouldn’t have to be killed.

They are the true innocents.

That surprises me. CorgiAid does everything they can for corgi mixes., and so do most of the corgi rescue groups I know. I can’t fault the Gordon Setter people if they simply don’t have enough money; they have to take care of their own.

However, after looking at the link, I see that they only describe the dog as “resembling a Gordon Setter.” Most shelter personnel just give it a best guess; when our boy came into the county pound, an alert pound staffer recognized him as a corgi and called up corgi rescue to come bail him out. He, too, had hours to spare. I hope this guy lucks out as well.

The link says “I’ve been adopted”! Is it true?

Bill… thank you from the bottom of my heart for this thread and for caring.

I am the person who is in this position, and will be going to the shelter today to either evaluate Ethan or to get the happy news that yes, he was adopted. I pray to whatever God may be listening that it’s the latter.

I am not happy with Gordon Setter rescue right now. I love this breed with all of my heart. It is not a common breed, and there is very little money in the rescue fund. My head understands that they can’t save them all, but my heart is breaking at the prospect of what may be lying ahead of me today.

Fingers and toes crossed that Ethan is indeed adopted. Ours is a very high kill shelter that I avoid like the plague. I doubt that I would even be able to foster him because of my Gordon boy.

Good wishes, please.

Mini update: The shelter is not open today. Just visited the website. And… Ethan is not listed on their adoptable pets page…Maybe he HAS been adopted??? Let’s all hope fpr the best.

Please… if you can, save a life. Adopt a pet. And have your pets spayed & neutered. We have to stop this problem any way we can.

Saying a prayer for Ethan.

The saddest part of all this is that so many of the pets that end up in shelters, didn’t start out as being ‘unwanted’. They were wanted - for a while. While they were puppies or kittens and all babyish and cute and cuddly, they were wanted then. And so many irresponsible people are drawn to ‘teh cute!’ So they end up in homes where they are coddled and petted and loved on…until they get older. And maybe not so cute anymore. And suddenly these same ‘loving’ owners realize that they are going to have to invest time (its called training!) and money (food, vet care!) and attention to an animal that may live up to 15 years or more.

Then its time to kick Fido and Fluffy to the curb…and the shelters just keep filling up.

I just don’t understand why people do this. I guess I’m not the kind of person who ever could as once you have taken care of an animal for a few months how can you then just get rid of them?

Morons. First of all, SPAY and NEUTER for crying out loud. Yes, even if you have a “purebred,” believe me your lil Fluffy ain’t a champion, leave it to the professionals.

Second, yeah, people with this mentality should be drawn and quartered. Both my sister and I served time in the National Guard, and both of us remember many many airmen and soldiers getting a dog and then when their 4 year tour in Anchorage was up, just blithely dropping them off at the pound.

They were done with their little toy.


Semi off-topic.

Strangely, as cute as puppies and kittens are, I MUCH prefer adult pets. I basically endured my pets’ babyhood rather than enjoyed it. They are SO much work (and such little destructos!) at that age.

:heart:HAPPY​:heart:HAPPY​:heart:HAPPY​:heart: Happy dance for Ethan! I just got home from the shelter- he was ADOPTED Saturday! He had been an owner surrender with 2 Schipperkes, and someone adopted all 3 of them together since they were bonded!

It may be a tiny litte victory in the grand scheme of things, but I’ll take any victory we can get!

That’s cool that someone adopted 3 dogs at one time. I sometimes wish I could have another dog but my old girl probably wouldn’t like it and the cats would kill me while I sleep.

That dog came to them on 2/22, is the kill date window really that short?

Depending on how full they are it can be as short as 5 days, and owner surrenders are the first to go, in case a pick up has an owner looking for them. Sad but true.

I’m so happy he was adopted. I adopted a five- to seven-year-old dog a few weeks ago. He was on death row because he was heartworm positive, but someone at the Humane Society called the rescue group and they came and got him and treated him for heartworms, and then I got him. He’s a beautiful guy. Here we are–me and Jacobson are the third set of photos down: http://floridalittledogrescue.com/before_and_after_

I’m hoping to adopt another dog in a few months.