Unwanted pix on iMac

Somehow, unwanted pix have appeared in my photos on my iMac, andI am having trouble deleting them.

Any suggestions ? ?

I recently bought and installed Touchcopy in order to create an Itunes file on my iMac from music and pix/videos on my Nano, which had previously been on a now defunct PC.

Where are these photos, and why can’t you delete them?

When I bring up iTunes, there is a spot to click for pictures, and it brings up my pictures, a lot of which I have no idea where then came from. The ones I want to delete seem to be from one place, about 10 or 12 of them, and they are (IMO) obscene in nature, and I am not into that kind of stuff – if I died, and someone
were to see these pix, my family would be embarrassed I want to get rid of them . . .

It’s entirely possible that someone gained access to my iPod and somehow put the pix on it, and when I downloaded all the stuff from my iPod to the iMac, the pix went with the music – I don’t know, this is just a guess. I don’t know if Touchcopy had anything to do with it or not . . .

Do you have “sync photos” checked?
If so, uncheck it, and it should give you the option to remove the photos from the nano.

I can’t find “sync photos” – where is it located ? ?

I’m not sure I understand. iTunes (at least recent versions) does NOT store photos, it only syncs them. Unless you’re talking about album cover art, which it does store.

iPhoto is usually where the photos go, and you can delete them from within the program. Select the photo and choose “Move to Trash” from the “Photos” menu.

The actual files are probably in <your directory>/pictures/iPhoto Library somewhere – you can delete them from the finder, too.

It’s also possible you’ve just got a folder full of photos lying around, and iTunes can sync from that, too. Those you’d just have to find and delete from the finder.

If the photos came from the device, you’ll need to get rid of them from there, too. In iTunes, choose your device (button next to “iTunes Store” in the Library), and there will be a line of tabs across the top. One of them is “Photos”. The very first thing on that screen will be a “Sync Photos” checkbox. Either uncheck it, or else uncheck the album the offending photos are in, and hit “sync” in the lower right. Or just erase the device and re-sync it to your system.