Up all night

Did you ever lose a whole night’s sleep over something stupid? The other night I sat down on my bed and started taking my shoes off and caught a glimpse of something moving on my bed post. It was a large recluse spider, I stared at it for a couple of seconds to make sure of what type it was before flattening it with my shoe. I then got ready for bed but started to wonder if that spider really led the life of a recluse or was he the outgoing type with a lot of friends. I pulled my bed and dresser away from the wall and crawled along by the baseboards with a flashlight looking for more unwanted guests. If it was any other spider besides a recluse or black widow I wouldn’t have worried about it. After I finished my search I moved everything back in place and climbed into bed. I keep a small oscillating fan in my room because I seldom turn on the AC and every time the breeze hit my face it felt like something crawling on me. I just couldn’t sleep so I went into the living room and watched tv till the sun came up and finally went to bed.

Yup. Tonight I’m up to no good, because I fell asleep early and now … you get the idea. Glad you didn’t find any more spiders. I have no plans to look for any here, although this old 1891 crate-of-a-house is ripe for them … :frowning:

I’ve barely slept for three nights now. This is getting ridiculous.

Eyeballs feel like they’re falling out of the sockets?

A few nights ago, I wandered out with my dachshund to let him have a final wee before turning in and noticed a pair of eyes glowing back at me as I looked off down the long driveway. This is not especially unusual as I live very rural and have done for the past 10 years, most of it on my own (husband died in 2007). It was too dark and and too far away for me to make out whatever it was, but it held my gaze as I stared at it. I waited for the eyes to turn away. Instead, they just… faded out. Creeeee-py!!!

Now, I’m not given to unbridled flights of imagination, but I admit those fading eyes bugged me a little. I slipped back into the house, locked up the doors and windows tight, doused the indoor lights and listened as the outdoor dog started crazy-barking. For the first time ever, I was bothered by the ambient light coming from all the little glowing lights around the house: The ice maker on the fridge, all the damn GFI lights on the electrical outlets, the ‘stand-by’ light on the printer. So help me, I covered them all with electrical tape. Spent the night on the sofa with the trusty 12 gauge handy and hardly slept. I have no idea why. I’m used to lots of wildlife, up to and including bears and cougars. And human eyes don’t glow in the dark. That I’ve noticed.

In the morning, I realized I had turned into the Crazy Redheaded Pig Lady Who Puts Electrical Tape Over Her GFI Outlets. Someone please send me a tinfoil hat.

I’m back to normal now (whatever that is) and caught up on my rest. Hope the rest of you get some sleep tonight.

Yeah, pretty much. It’s a pattern that’s happening with me due to stress, and I’m not liking it.

If I get stressed about deadlines at work, it can keep me up.

Fucking spiders.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought some of those electronic pest repellents. They plug into the wall and are supposed to emit a high-frequency noise that keeps away spiders, rats, mice, and roaches. The reviews online are mixed, but I figured if they work even a little bit it would be better than nothing because, hey, fucking spiders. I put one into my bedroom. They have a blue light on them that illuminates a dark room quite a bit, especially the white wall on the one side of my bed.

A few nights after I installed it, I woke up in the middle of the night as I was turning over, and glanced at the wall beside my bed. Inches from my face, there was a humongous black spider crawling up the wall. I jumped up and turned the light on and it was gone. I never did find it. But I did stuff two entire blankets into the crack between my bed and the wall and those aren’t coming out, ever. I stayed awake the rest of the night.

I never would have seen that spider if it wasn’t for the light of that repellent. I unplugged it, I am sending them back, and I’ve decided that ignorance is bliss.

Fucking spiders.

An errant brown recluse is a good reason to be awake through the night!

A cow orker’s brother was bitten by a recluse in Northern Ontario (obviously not a native recluse), and the surgery and recovery pictures are devastating. Imagine a nearly football sized chunk of flesh missing from his thigh. He was an avid runner before the bite, and he’ll be happy to walk unassisted after the bite.

That wasn’t the first time I lost sleep because of bugs. Years ago before I got a dryer I would hang my clothes on a line in the back yard, If I had time I would shake them out and fold them but if I were in a hurry because of rain I would just throw them in a basket and bring them in the house. One day the sky got real dark and it started to thunder so I threw all the clothes in a basket and dumped them on my bed. I had to go somewhere and forgot all about them until I got back home late that night. I was already tired when I started folding them and noticed a wasp crawling on my pillow, I scooped him up in a jar and put the lid on.Then I spotted another one coming out of the pocket of one of my shirts. All together I found five of them, they were in pockets and pant legs. I spent the whole night looking for more. I was glad when I got a dryer.

Last month at summer camp, I found a small spider in the tent. Killed it with a wrapped granola bar (the 1st thing on hand). Then I found another even smaller spider. Killed it with my serial (cereal? [/bad pun])-killer granola bar. Then I realized my sleeping bag was damp from the thick fog that settled during the day. My 12-year-old tent partner had left the tent flap open all day. Crap. I realized if there were 2 spiders there could be many many more, so I started to look. Found some flies and potato bugs but that’s it… until a fat long-legged black spider just like one from a Halloween TV special lowered itself down right in front of my face. I sat there staring at it until my tent partner finally came back and asked her to kill it. She did. Still… with that one sneaking up on me even after a thorough tent search beforehand… I didn’t get much sleep that night even despite 5 hours kayaking that day, I’ll tell you.

Also, stayed up literally all night with excitement when I was 6 or so and understood the concept of Santa for the first time. Fell asleep that morning at 9:00 right when I was supposed to be allowed to open stockings.

I remember once I f’d up at work. Had I reported the screw up to my boss, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. He could have reported the screw up to the appropriate people and everything could have been fixed. But unfortunately, I got busy with other things and forgot to report it. It didn’t dawn on me until my head hit the pillow. I stayed up the whole night just KNOWING I was going to be in big trouble the next day.

Fortunately, I when came in the next day, I had gotten an email from an engineer that read: I happened to notice [by accident) your screw up. I fixed it for you. In the future please report these screw ups as they can turn into big head aches if gone unnoticed.

No supervisors were copied in the email.

Whew! :slight_smile:

Yes- the “something stupid” was the server at our restaurant bringing me caffeinated coffee instead of what I asked for, decaf. It was already a late dinner, and a large one, while I was at a conference for work. The next day I had to attend a seminar at 9:00 a.m. and be “sharp”, but laying in the hotel bed at 4:30 I realized I was never going to get to sleep.

I had brought my running gear with me anyway, so I got up about 5 and went for a long run. Got back about 6, showered, put on my suit, went down to breakfast, got to the seminar- the whole time I felt wide awake.

The seminar ended about 11:30, I had lunch, and sat down for a few minutes in a chair in the lobby to wait for the afternoon session to start, where I promptly fell asleep for over an hour. The rest of the day, including making connections for my flight & drive home, I was a zombie.

That story almost makes me lose sleep. :frowning:

As for stupid things that have kept me awake - complicated to explain this, but I once lost sleep because I worried I’d written music in the wrong key. Stupid, I know. Although I was having a lot of anxiety over many things at that point in time, so to blame it all on the music is a bit simplistic.