Up with Steve Kornacki

2 questions about it:

  1. Is MSNBC trying to create another “Meet the Press” type show. (IE a brand, not linked to a particular person)

  2. Is the Sunday episode new or just a rerun of Saturday?

The guest mix is mostly pundits, with the occasional pol.

Two different shows.

TY gaffa! I sleep late when I can.

I asked my 1st question because it was originally Chris Hayes’ show, and the name didn’t change when Steve took over.

Kornacki does an excellent job. It’s a terrific show if you really enjoy Chris Christie being raked over the coals, as he is an expert on New Jersey politics.

I really enjoyed the show when Chris Hayes hosted, and Kornacki is a good replacement.

But even before the GWB/Christie story broke, I was pretty frustrated with the focus on New York/New Jersey politics. I realize that anything west of 95 is rarely mentioned on news shows except on election day, but Kornacki takes it to a new level.

I like both Kornacki and Hayes but have stopped watching “Up”.

Just out of curiosity, I flip over to MSNBC to see if Steve might possibly have changed the topic, but nope. Never. It’s 100% “Good Morning Trenton” now. I love national politics, but don’t care about state politics, particularly New Jersey’s.

Yes, I understand Christie was considered to have a shot at the Republican nomination for president but I think that ship has sailed. Now, MSNBC seems to be hours and hours of boring rehash of “what did Christie know and when did he know it?”.

I’ve asked the rhetorical question before, in regards to their weather forecasts: Do the suits at MSNBC have an inkling that this is a cable channel carried nationwide? They appear to think they are broadcasting to the East Coast only.

The story would’ve died if Christie didn’t have national aspirations. Also blame Nixon for the “what did he know, and when did he know it” aspect of the story.

Blame me, I still haven’t had my fill eviscerating Chris Christie. It’s not as if they are repeating the same things over and over, the more they dig, the worse it gets. $6 million in Sandy funds to a place that didn’t flood, and $330 k to a place that was 80% underwater? Vetoing a law to create transparency about distribution of the funds?

Chris Christie could cure cancer tomorrow, and it would only raise him to the status of “scumbag”.