UPC codes who assigns them?

I havent’ been able to find this one out by the usual methods. I know that a manufacturer is assigned a prefix by which all it’s producs are identified but who gives the manufacturer their number?

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The Uniform Code Council

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In conjunction with the Masons and the Illuminati! They are keeping records of all or purchases to send to the alien leaders so when they come down to take over they can assimilate into our culture with greater ease by using brand names.

The sad part is, interstellar communication being what it is they are 20 years late in recieving the feedback, that is why most of the aliens have been walking around in bell bottoms and spouting off 70’s quotes and such as if it were ever interesting.

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You always use violence. I should’ve ordered glutinous rice chicken.

PFHHFFFFFF!!! you might as well ask "who assigns IP address’s… grin …who knows? only the subnet mask knows… haha.

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