The post was merely an invite to participate if so inclined, with the link for automatic conversion of the code for any who got that far.

Not that it matters, but I understand!

Yes, but it does make it somewhat contradictory that the link for the conversion of the code was itself in code.

Really, this job is hard enough. Please don’t make it any worse than it already is.

By the way Bawdysurfer, the link that Google turned up to decode your message was the same one your OP in the other thread provided.

Contradictory?, maybe not. For those who like a bit of less than traditional shenanigans, handing the resolution out on a silver morse platter might have diminished any pleasure in the hunt…doncha know.

Regardless, I defer to you.

FTR, the proper forum to defer to Euty would be the Pit, I think.

Purd Werfect:

Nothing to it, eh!

Now, did you find it letter by letter, or more likely just discovered how close to the top Google listed that link.

Well, now the world knows.


The musculature that so distinctly defines my sphincter precludes the deference so prevalent in the sandbox.

Yeah, that was worth it.

I’ve now spent a half hour of my time dealing with this. Enough already.